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  This is not totally unfounded, the reporter access to the information found, a million people around the city race this day really is not Lanzhou airs pollution

In the opinion of many outsiders,Guest Posting Lanzhou for pollution control to enter the realm of an "incredible", but this is indeed a representative sample of the air pollution control in a western city.

    January 1 this year, held in Lanzhou City, the people around the city race. " After urban air quality in the people broke the news that day of moderate pollution. A time hosted by public opinion generally challenged users criticized for ignoring the public health "lung injury running".

    Faced with a media interview in the field, the Lanzhou Municipal Sports Bureau, an official avenue wronged: "Lanzhou is the air quality."

    This is not totally unfounded, the reporter access to the information found, a million people around the city race this day really is not Lanzhou air pollution is most severe when compared to continuous severe pollution days, this day has an excuse for.

    Lanzhou is one of the cities the most polluted air pollution days in three or more account for the year nearly half of the highest pollution index reached 402 last winter for several days of severe pollution in the five above, the municipal government had been prepared to sounding the yellow alarm.

    The main sources of pollution too. "According to Zhang Wu, Assistant to the President of the Institute of Atmospheric Sciences, Lanzhou University, Lanzhou pollution from the two levels, first of industrialization, urbanization, pollution, the city mainly as a heavy chemical industry, industrial pollution in Lanzhou account for a large proportion of the increase in car ownership has increased traffic pollution, winter heating is also an important source of pollution. Another level regional, located in the Loess Plateau, year-round dry climate, natural dust suppression, ground dust and industrial dust caused serious pollution of the total suspended particulate matter.

    February 6, Lanzhou Municipal Law Enforcement Bureau issued new regulations, plans this year, construction of car wash in the city's six entrances into the city vehicle to be cleaned before passage.

    Lanzhou city law enforcement bureau official told reporters, city vehicles, especially long-haul carts, after long runs, the city often brings a lot of mud, secondary dust mobile sources. Construction entrances and exits the car wash, the Director of Infrastructure Department of the Municipal Law Enforcement Bureau is responsible for this project by ultra Zhao told reporters, "This project is still in the planning stage, and then we will work together to environmental and planning experts together to discuss specific site. construction matters. "

    Lanzhou, the largest city on the Loess Plateau, from afar, vehicles are to teach, to give all city vehicles,Jodiemht has been in the car aftermarket industry for 3 years. Main products: car DVD player and car dvd , are with good quality. wash, dust, move fly

    It is understood that the Lanzhou Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau to support the plan, according to their analysis, secondary dust (respirable particulate matter), the major part of PM10 air quality indicators, the proportion of secondary dust in the city's air pollution up to 20 percent, second only to industrial pollution (50%), higher than motor vehicle exhaust gas, bituminous coal pollution (both collectively accounted for approximately 30%). Treatment of secondary dust pollution has become one of the city's most important pollution control content.

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