The sole legitimate e Road route brand holders

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1:00 pm the same day, the Shenzhen Public Security Bureau police team of people to Huaqiang North and selling dens to investigates

3.15 is about to come,Guest Posting all over the country's counterfeiting operation in full swing, the relevant departments of the State to increase the legal protection of intellectual property, trademarks. e Road route as the best-known brands of navigation products over the years by the Consumers who sought and trust. In the interests of the trend of unscrupulous businessmen glued to the e Road route trademarks, unauthorized use of its brand to the production and sale of fake and shoddy products, seek Hailey. In recent years, the fake e Road route due to quality, a serious lack of protection from explosive combustion accident. In addition, the counterfeit e Road route navigation are not allowed to, can not be upgraded, Star Search is slow, slow, slow refresh planning, black, bracket off even breaking a series of some quality problems. Its consequences, not only the navigation products market order has been damaged seriously, and seriously infringed upon the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and even personal safety.

March 5, the Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau and the Shenzhen Municipal Market Supervisory Authority (formerly Trade and Industry) in Huaqiang North, Phuket and other places of fake and shoddy e Road route sales channels and manufacturer of fully cleaning up. This operation, the public security, industrial and commercial departments sent out nearly 100 law enforcement personnel, including Shenzhen Flying Technology Co., Ltd., nearly 10 businesses under severe legal sanctions, law enforcement officers were destroyed, seize the trademarks of the misappropriation e Road route electronic dog navigators more than 5000 ten thousand sets, packaging, and arrested 18 of the material involved.

1:00 pm the same day, the Shenzhen Public Security Bureau police team of people to Huaqiang North and selling dens to investigate and deal with another team of Municipal Public Security Bureau, market supervision and law enforcement officers of the Authority together constitute the law enforcement team to Phuket to carry out enforcement action on counterfeiting factories.

Huaqiang North, Futian District, Shenzhen International Trade wholesale market (mini Cyberport) Shenzhen Flying Technology Co., Ltd., for a long time the illegal sale of counterfeit e Road, Air Products is the object of public security departments of the priorities for action to combat. The police station scene to investigate more than 200 electronic dog on the point of sale with e Road route logo, navigation systems more than 200 units, about 500 sets of box, and involved in management and the seizure of products back to the police station for interrogation.

At the same time, in the snow science and technology industrial city secretly engaged in the production of counterfeit e Road route products factory in Buji Street Office Sakata has been completely banned. Public security, law enforcement officers in the industrial zone as long as three hours of enforcement action, on-site destruction of counterfeit e Road route finished products over 2000, nearly 3,000 sets of packaging products car cameras cover more than 1000 sets, closed down nearly ten production lines and the confiscation of more than manufacturers of business license, arrested on suspicion of factory owners, production managers, technicians ten.

Double ban on manufacturers, sales channels from a single crackdown on counterfeiting factory from the industrial and commercial law enforcement to public security, the joint action of the two law enforcement agencies, e Road route counterfeiting operation to upgrade again and again, fully proved that the product of government departments to rectify navigation the determination of the market, but also to consumers once again witnessed the determination of the only legitimate holder of e Road route trademarks

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