Get smart: Diagnose your car problems yourself with an OBD II code reader

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Whenever a malfunction or problem occurs with our car, we usually consult a mechanic directly and thus, have the car repaired.

The OBD II code reader is devices you can use easily even with only basic knowledge of electronics and stuff. These types of code reader for car do not need chips for different car models. It is compatible to any type of car. This makes it very affordable for a domestic mechanic like you. Now,Guest Posting you don’t have to worry of paying for a mechanic if you can solve the problem yourself. Or if you have to consult a mechanic and hire one, you can tell him what your diagnosis is and prevent wrong diagnosis and haphazard repair.

OBD II code reader: Pioneer on no-chips installation, affordability and reliable diagnosis

The code readers can be connected to your car easily either through cable or through a Bluetooth connection (wireless). The code readers can be used with hand easily. The screen of the readers is of high resolution making it practical for all ages. The ability of the code readers to troubleshoot the problem, on why the check engine light is on, is very helpful in maintaining the state or condition of your car. You can identify the problem even before you go to a mechanic. Furthermore, you can repair the problem yourself. If you can’t, you can bring your car to a mechanic and have it repaired based on your diagnosis. Two of these new lines of code readers are: Cardia ELM 327 V1.5 Mini and OBDMATE OM520.

A closer look on two code readers

Cardia ELM 327 V1.5 Mini is a wireless tool that has been newly developed, hence requires no cables. It is the first Bluetooth reader. In addition to that, it requires no batteries and switches. As mentioned earlier, it supports all types of cars, provided it is under OBD II protocol. Furthermore, it can be manipulated using a PC or a Bluetooth card. It can read diagnostic trouble codes and display the meaning of these codes. You can also set the number of responses to appear.

OBDMATE OM520 is a card reader for car unit that is designed to be compatible and work with all OBD II vehicles. Its best feature may be its built-in look-up library containing OBD II fault codes. Hence you won’t have the difficulty of looking for the meaning of the codes. Furthermore, you can upgrade the software over the internet. The code reader can also display the vehicle’s trip information.

These two brands of code reader for car unit are portable, easy to carry, affordable and more importantly very informative with regards to the vehicle’s problem. ­

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