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 Golden mold, CEO Luo Baihui cars networking by the following several levels: the bottom is the Intelligent Transportation Systems

The so-called car networking refers to the electronic tag mounted on the vehicle through radio frequency identification technology,Guest Posting extraction and effective use of the attribute information for all vehicles and static and dynamic information in the information network platform, and depending on the functional requirements of all the running state of the vehicle for effective monitoring and integrated service delivery.

    Vehicle networking systems, the vehicle terminal equipment installed in the vehicle dashboard of the vehicle all the work and the static and dynamic information collection, storage and send. The system is divided into three parts: the car terminal, cloud computing platform, data analysis platform to achieve effective monitoring and management of the vehicle, according to the different functional requirements of different sectors of the vehicle. The operation of the vehicle often involve a number of switch, sensors, analog CAN signal data, in the process of operating the vehicle running, the driver, the vehicle data postback to the back-end database, the formation of huge amounts of data, a cloud computing platform huge amounts of data, filter cleaning, data analysis platform for data report-through processing for the management view.

    Golden mold, CEO Luo Baihui car networking by the following several levels: the bottom is the Intelligent Transportation System, to provide the networking infrastructure for the entire car; The second layer is the car networking core - Intelligent Internet car, and connected to the Internet ; third layer is the vehicle networking services, such as security services, emergency rescue services. Car networking has been listed as key projects of the national "12th Five-Year" period, is expected to vehicle networking industry's output value is expected to more than 100 billion yuan in the next five years. In the domestic passenger car, there are more than 30% of the brand with the performance of different vehicle networking systems. Period of rapid development over the next decade the country will usher in car networking market, automotive after-market "is expected to moving into the era of" vehicle networking. All this thanks to the standard source of automotive electronic digital, an RFID-based development-related application technology of the vehicle information resource, the project is research and development organization by the State Ministry of Public Security, 2007 National Science and Technology by the Ministry of Science and Technology certified as Support Program, "focus on the special application demonstration project (project number for 2008BAF31B00). Digital Automotive standard source technology development will promote a "vehicle networking and RFID industrialization process.

    Since the end of 2010, car mobile Internet of Things (vehicle networking) project will be listed as an important item in the third special of the major projects of the State. Subsequently, the vehicle networking systems start the application and popularization of the OnStar system, covering almost all models of Shanghai GM's, while Dongfeng Nissan,Main products: car DVD player and car dvd , are with good quality. Roewe and other brands also have their own vehicle networking systems.

    Today, the networking of vehicles has been gradually from concept to application. Car networking technology matures, 3G, CallCenter, the cloud platform and voice recognition technology has begun integration and vehicle networking industry depth, vehicle networking terminal equipment is expected to usher in the explosive growth in market demand-driven.

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