Here are 4 tricks dealers use to make you sell for less

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Selling  your car to a dealer is by far the most common method used by  Singaporeans and we can understand why. It is generally fast and saves  you the hassle of paperwork. However, since dealerships have to make a  profit from every deal and also run several risks

Selling  your car to a dealer is by far the most common method used by  Singaporeans and we can understand why. It is generally fast and saves  you the hassle of paperwork. However,Guest Posting since dealerships have to make a  profit from every deal and also run several risks associated with selling a used vehicle, they often employ several tricks to make you  sell lesser. Find out what these tricks are and learn how to avoid them.

1. Be wary if a dealer’s offer is a lot higher than the rest

One  of the most common tricks in the bag, some dealers will offer an  extremely attractive price to entice car owners to make the trip only to  “revise” their prices greatly when face to face. Always take prices  that are extremely attractive with a pinch of salt.

OTUA  Flash-sale! and OTUA Connect! always ensure that your buyers are  carefully screened and filtered so you will not be frustrated by empty  promises.

2. They may nitpick on the slightest scratch or dent

While  it’s common practice to revise their offer price if the car has obvious  mechanical troubles or serious cosmetic defects, some dealers take it 1  step further and cut prices for the mildest scratch or dent in your  car. In fact, some dealers may even charge “exorbitant” repair fees on  said defects (IE. $3000 to respray the entire car when it probably cost  them only $1200). Do your homework and make sure they do not slash your  selling price excessively from said “repairs”.

OTUA  Flash-sale! We will send our own experts to evaluate your car condition  fairly to prevent unscrupulous practices. We also have our own OTUA  Works (workshop) so every required repair is at our own special rate.

3. “It is time-consuming to shop for the best price for your car”

Your  dealer will try to convince you that it is extremely time-consuming to  visit different dealerships around the island for the best deal and you  should just settle for their prices. In fact, ask any of your friends or  relatives who have tried selling their car and they will share with you  the pain of traveling around the island just to get a marginal $100 or  $200 more for their car. However, this is no longer true as the internet  has brought new ways for car owners to reach out to hundreds of dealers  in the comfort of their homes.

No  worries, OTUA Flash-sale! and our experts will go through the trouble  and get the best price for your car and direct buyer without you taking a  road trip around the island.

4. Buying a car from a dealership? Trade-in prices are usually the biggest traps

Buyer  a car is a huge decision, especially so in Singapore where car prices  are exorbitant and it is probably the 2nd most expensive item you would  ever buy. After spending weeks contemplating on your purchase, you would  be more tempted to take the hassle-free and easier path to just  “trade-in your car”.

And  dealers understand that the consumer is most vulnerable after making a  big purchase. So much so that they tend to offer ridiculously low prices  for your car if you choose the “trade-in” option. Of  course, this might not be true if you are purchasing from an Authorised  dealership that is offering huge over-trades for your car.

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Sounds bad… should we avoid selling to dealerships altogether?

The short answer is no. We have to understand that car dealerships  are running a business. And like any other trades, there will always be  bad eggs who do not treat their customers fairly, affecting the  reputation of the entire industry as a whole. Fortunately, there are  still plenty of reputable car dealers that are able to help get your car  off your hands and help to make the transaction a breeze for you. Of  course, in order to maintain a profitable business, the prices offered  may not be the most competitive.

Our solution to the problem

Depending  on your needs and requirements, if you are absolutely looking for the  best deal and do not mind spending 3 to 5 weeks to sell your car, OTUA  Connect! It is the best solution for a used car for sale in Singapore. Every car seller is assisted by a team of 6 experts to ensure that your car gets maximum exposure and every deal is done smoothly.

On  the other hand, if you are looking for a hassle-free experience while  looking for the best dealer offer price without falling prey to bad  dealer practices, we recommend you try OTUA Flash-sale!. Your car will  get access to 300+ different dealers and get the best dealer offer while  we carefully screen and filter your offer to ensure that there is zero  funny business.

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