High-speed global development in the Smart City

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  The intelligent high-speed ball speed and rolled into one characterized by a variety of intelligent monitoring in a safe city systems

High Speed Dome Camera is an intelligent front of the camera,Guest Posting all known as the Dome of the high-speed intelligent integration of high-speed ball / smart ball, referred to as the high-speed ball or fast ball. The high-speed ball is a monitoring system is the most complex and comprehensive performance the best one of the front of the camera in recent years is widely used in a safe city, airport, rail transportation, electricity, education, retail and other industries, more and more people are called wisdom " Eyes. "

    The intelligent high-speed ball speed and rolled into one characterized by a variety of intelligent monitoring in a safe city system has been widely used. The following road monitoring part of the Safe City system, for example look at the specific application of the high-speed ball.

    Urban road junctions often yes the the multi-rounds of Lot of the the accident, at the same time is also the high-speed ball to play a advantage the place:

    1. In because to the high-speed ball can be to achieve a 360 of continuously monitors the, so in the a one of road junctions to use a an of high-speed ball on the can be achieved the all - round monitoring, the the high-speed rotation function of the high-speed the ball makes the monitoring personnel can be very good to capture the the required video. It is worth mentioning is that the mainstream high-speed ball manufacturers to provide a focal length of the high-speed ball and speed automatically match the technology, making the ball machine in terms of the big zoom or zoom the rotation to provide a stable video, which advantage in the under the the situation monitoring by the at close range close-up is is very obvious.

    The speed the ball can be achieved between two points on the scan monitor, used to monitor the fixed area, the monitor also can switch between a couple of blocks, or the user is set to monitor the course and speed, so that cycle monitor. For high-speed ball with guard-bit function, when the unmanned automatic guard-bit function is enabled, setting a good way to monitor and cruise.

    Combined intersection of alarm equipment, video linkage and output linkage in the face of police intelligence, high-speed alarm function of the ball, fast police intelligence response.

    Intersection usually need 24 hours a day monitoring, using the built-in color to black illumination function camera's high-speed ball, you can make the night to better monitor the effects.

    Traffic monitoring and persuasion: the system will monitor the area live images transfer back to the command center to enable managers to gain direct control over the queue of vehicles,Main product: car gps  congestion, lights and other traffic conditions, timely adjustment of signal timing, or by other means to divert the traffic to change the the distribution of traffic flow, in order to achieve the purpose of alleviating traffic congestion, automatic tracking of violation of the vehicles.

    High Speed Dome Camera has a unique "Smart Patrol" function, so the staff can be freed from the complicated work more quickly in the event of an emergency situation, and easily clear monitoring images sent to the monitoring center.

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