How Diesel Engines Works?

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Consider that in 1892 Rudolf Diesel developed the diesel engine and the German patent. Your goal is to create high-efficiency motor. Gasoline engine was invented in 1876, which did not return, especially over time.

various diesel engines and gasoline engines:
Heat generated by compressing air to ignite fuel natural causes.
Gasoline engine compression ratio is 12:01 to 8:01,Guest Posting while the diesel engine compression ratio of 25:1 to 14:01, for example, is high. High diesel engine compression ratio to be leads to better returns.
Cylinder gasoline engine usually before entering the carburetor to mix air and fuel use or fuel injection valves that break down the fuel intake stroke cylinder (outside) before. Diesel engines use direct fuel injection are the fuel directly into the cylinder blow.
Please note that diesel engines do not have candles. They wind up the World Trade Organization (suction), and it will compress the fuel directly into combustion chamber to inject (injection or direct injection) and the heat of compressed air to ignite the fuel in a diesel engine causes is possible. In the next section we examine the level of diesel fuel injection Khayyam.

engine fuel injection:
Injectors in engine component is made up of highly complex and is the subject of many experiments have been great. May a particular engine is located in a different location. Cylinder heel that makes them be transmitted to fit inside the drops off, it is also a challenge. Certain suction-valve diesel engine combustion chamber to the first fall or eddy (circular) using combustion air are other means or otherwise improve the ignition and combustion process. An injection process is the major difference between diesel and gasoline parts. The injection valve car motor, or a use that instead of direct injection carburetor. If a motor vehicle, during the intake stroke and then compressed in the cylinder is full of fuel. Density value of mixing fuel and air to the engine compression ratio is limited. A lot of the engine air compresses, fuel and air mixture spontaneously ignites and causes knocking. A diesel-only air compresses, the compression ratio can be quite high. Compression ratio, the more power is generated.
Some candles a variety of diesel engines, it is heated.

The new ECM is a complex set of sensors for the coolant temperature and oil on the meter speed is measured everything, even associated with the engine position in all functions of the engine is controlled. Today is rarely heated in a large Used gmc engines. ECM compartment air temperatures and cold weather retard engine takes time, so that would later fuel injection. Inside the cylinder and the more dense the air is so hot, which helps the engine is made clear.
Smaller engines and engines that have advanced computer control to solve the problem of heating (in cold weather to clear) use.

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