How to Achieve Financial Freedom with Better Gas Mileage

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Discover simple steps to achieving financial freedom with better gas mileage.

Discovering how to achieve financial freedom with better gas mileage is a very helpful step. It presents multiple means of how to survive the raging increase of oil prices. More than that,Guest Posting it also protects the environment from further destructive threats.

Being careless and irresponsible is a big no-no in today's living. In driving, a single negative habit or mistake brought by these characteristics will make you pay much more than you can afford on fuel and maintenance expenses. This puts you nowhere close to realizing the financial freedom with better gas mileage that you might have been planning.

There is a bunch of simple steps that you can take to increase your car's mileage. From your garage to the road itself, there's always something that you can do to increase fuel economy and help save the environment. However, the mentioned negative traits must be first gotten rid off for you to effectively achieve financial freedom with better gas mileage through these steps.

Here is the list:

Properly maintain your car: If you keep your vehicle properly maintained, it would less likely to cause you higher expenses. This is not just a single step to financial freedom with better gas mileage but rather a combination of multiple steps. It includes replacing damaged air filters, keeping engine properly tuned and inflating tires with the right pressure.

By replacing clogged air filters you can increase your mileage for up to 10%. And by keeping your engine in shape, fixing its damages, the mileage can be improved for 4%. The proper inflation of your tire will result to a 3.3% mileage increase while under inflating it will cause 0.4% mileage decrease for every 1 psi pressure drop.

Change driving habits: On the road driving habit is a major factor of the increase and decrease of mileage. The large part of the achievement of financial freedom with better gas mileage depends on it. Also, it is where your commitment for improving fuel economy will be seen.

Avoiding quick stops and accelerations is the first of the many tasks composing this step. Accelerate slowly and "coast" your stops by taking your foot off the gas pedal beforehand. Choose the routes that have fewer stops. This will keep you from having zero to full speed.

Staying far behind the car in front of you will also help. If it slows down you won't be forced to brake immediately and accelerate again. This will fuel your way to achieving financial freedom with better gas mileage by increasing it for up to 10%.

Another bad on the road habit that greatly affects your chance of reaching financial freedom with better gas mileage is the frequent idling. It will give you 0 miles per gallon, wasting fuel and money. Larger car engines often eat up more fuel than smaller ones thus it waste more money during idle times.

Observing your speed limit can better your fuel efficiency from 7% up to 23%. Of all the steps, this is the one that can give you a great leap closer to achieving financial freedom with better gas mileage. Though cars reach optimal fuel economy at varying speed, gas mileage often decreases rapidly at 60 mph speed and above. Always remember that 5 mph over 60 mph will cost you an additional $0.26 per gas gallon.

When travelling, lessening your load will generally increase your chance of achieving financial freedom with better gas mileage. Carry only those that are necessary and avoid bringing heavy loads to experience the 5% mileage increase. For every 100 pounds extra weight, your vehicle's mpg is reduced for up to 2%.

The rise of oil prices is something that you cannot stop. However, you can always keep yourself from consuming more than the reasonable amount of fuel. The implementation of the given steps is one of the proven ways of speeding up your achievement of financial freedom with better gas mileage.

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