How to Install Suzuki Alto Radio DVD GPS Navigation?

Apr 8




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As we all know nearly all Suzuki Alto don't come with factory navigation system, so many car owners of Suzuki Alto prefer to replace the factory Alto radio with an aftermarket DVD navigation head unit, this article can show you step-by-step instructions for installation.


Many Suzuki Alto car owners prefer to replace the original Suzuki Alto radio with a new look of in-dash car DVD player and GPS system,How to Install Suzuki Alto Radio DVD GPS Navigation? Articles since the original car radio system just comes with few features and the new Suzuki Alto radio DVD GPS can bring you many other features like Bluetooth handsfee phone calling, Bluetooth streaming music, car DVD player, USB playing, and most importantly, the GPS navigation system.

The aftermarket Suzuki Alto radio looks OEM after installing in your car, it also comes with a 7 inch large high definition screen and touch screen. Installation is quite easy for a car stereo shop, because they have installed similar units before. The installation fees may be different for different car stereo shops, the professional mechanic can install such a unit within one hour if he has done that before.

This Suzuki Alto radio DVD GPS can be installed in 2009 Suzuki Alto, 2010 Suzuki Alto, 2011 Suzuki Alto, 2012 Suzuki Alto, 2013 Suzuki Alto and 2014 Suzuki Alto.

You can check the following steps for installing a Suzuki Alto radio DVD GPS head unit.

  1. Firstly let’s check how the factory radio looks like, it seems this dashboard can install an aftermarket suzuki alto dvd radio gps, most suzuki alto comes with this dashboard:
  2. use some plastic knives(special installation tools) to pry the trim on both sides of air outlet.
  3. then you are able to see 4 screws, use a screwdriver to remove them
  4. take out the air outlet panel after removed the 4 screws
  5. now you can pry the panel for the air conditioner controls
  6. pull out the a/c control panel for a little
  7. pull out the original alto radio and cd, unplug the wiring harness at back of the radio
  8. use a scissor to shear the plastic buckle on both left and right sides, so that you can push the new suzuki alto radio dvd fully into the dash. Plug new power cords with the factory wiring harness, connect GPS antenna, USB cable, iPod cable. You can run the USB and iPod cables into the glove box.
  9. fix screws, install back the trims, then you can turn on the unit and test it now.

As you can see, you will not need to modify wires for installation, and not need anything else to make it work after installing in your Suzuki Alto. The GPS navigation is built-in, and we can send you GPS maps for free, available for all over the world.