In recent years the development of electronic dog

May 21


jodie mht

jodie mht

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The scope of application of electronic dog in the city where traffic lights, camera, and a lot of road speed limit is not the same, some 14 kilometers


In addition to the early warning function,In recent years the development of electronic dog Articles the product now also has a positioning function, able to identify direction. Built-in memory chips, stored electronic eye data can be updated, and some products can also manually add the electronic eye. The electronic eye now also able to provide some road message, such as the front of the accident-prone sections, pay attention to driving; in front of gas stations; in front of exports and so on, some electronic dog can also combine the GPS navigator.

 The scope of application of electronic dog in the city where traffic lights, camera, and a lot of road speed limit is not the same, some 60 kilometers, some 40 km are not familiar with the sections of the friends may be careless speeding when the electronic dog can accurately broadcast the electronic eye, and the current road speed limit standard. At high speed, although the road marked with speed, but when the car is less when many drivers will still throttle, speeding, high-speed camera is set on both sides more, if you do not pay attention to see, it is easy for speeding electronic dog at any time the driver to remind the current speed, to allow drivers to remain vigilant.

    Summary: Currently on the road or fixed speed device-based, like a traffic light violation camera, speed cameras are common. Now the market of electronic dog function is very rich, fixed speed, mobile speed all have. The GPS navigator also has a warning system, is with the map data, are essentially fixed early warning data can be updated regularly. Some GPS navigator with fixed and mobile speed, mobile speed built-in radar installations, radar signal can be detected, such as Garmin and prophet, Lu Sin has a fixed speed and mobile speed camera GPS navigation systems. Friends, driving through the understanding of the relevant knowledge of electronic dog, I believe can be helpful for the future selection of products.

 Car not illegal prophet electronic dog to protect you

   "Electronic police" intelligent transportation systems, we all know, the words of the professional should be the monitor of the traffic conditions, also known as "electronic eyes", which is a set of road sections and junctions with the vehicle through a red light monitoring, vehicle retrograde illegal detection bayonet road system, the Automatic Vehicle Identification System, the comprehensive monitoring system of urban roads and traffic alarm system (122) interface and many other functions, check speeding is just one of the electronic police role, it can be illegal vehicles illegal facts faithfully recorded and reflected in the traffic management control center.Main products: car dvd player and car dvd , are with good quality.  Electronic police "Express hand" is really a natural enemy, Sayings "ten accidents nine times faster", they can not express, an obvious benefit, and that is accident reduction.Jodiemht has been in the car aftermarket industry for 3 years. It should be said in today's technological development in modern society, electronic police play an increasingly important role in the management of urban transport.

Car navigation electronic dog, electronic eye. The advantages of electronic police around the clock monitoring and "elusive", which formed a strong deterrent for those who respect the police without compliance with the law. Installed car navigation electronic dog ", the majority of drivers will say:" install it in order to hide the 'electronic police' ".