Internet and intelligent transportation systems integration development

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  Automotive Internet Union launched the first products to use its MirrorLink standard, it allows two-way communications

 GM in the field of smart phone connection,Guest Posting the next step is to configure and cheaper models, the method used is to rely on the optional stereo system for smart phones, rather than the conventional approach, as these functions are fully integrated in the system within. For example, its Chevrolet Spark model is a low-cost micro-car will offer an optional sound system upgrade, to install a large touch screen, is basically an extension of the driver used by smart phones. This also means that the users through a cable station. Panora music, the system can play a role. The use of smart phones to transmit information, rather than the system itself to handle the data stream.

    The same time, the help of Samsung (Samsung), Chevrolet carried a lot of software development, research and development of a system compatible with existing smartphone. The ultimate goal is to those originally simply can not afford a car car consumers can use.

    In the automotive Internet Alliance (CarConnectivityConsorutium) under the supervision of, the auto parts suppliers and consumer electronics companies are teaming up to develop a product called "mirror connection (MirrorLink) a standardized protocol. The purpose of the automotive Internet Alliance was established in 2011 is also based on "mirror connection". At present, the various car manufacturers have their own car electronic products, protocols, and electronics companies can not produce a smartphone paired devices applies to all vehicles.

    Automotive Internet Union launched the first products to use its MirrorLink standard, it allows two-way communication between smart phones and automotive systems.

    This technology not only for the automotive satellite navigation and download music from the Internet, but also opened up a whole new market for telematics services. Telematics services can only be customized by specific car manufacturers plan to provide, such as GM's OnStar and BMW BMW assistance (BMWAssist,). These technologies mature satellite connection system can automatically provide emergency services to the scene of the accident, to help law enforcement agencies to lock stolen vehicles, and even in some cases, prohibit vehicles from using

 As the highlight of the SAIC commercial vehicles, SAIC MAXUS Chase in the Beijing Motor Show world debut InteCare line wing pass the value of network-wide intelligent solution, the line wing through breakthrough commercial vehicle car networking technology to lead the commercial vehicle industry into the The new era of network-wide intelligent.

    According to reports, OK InteCare wing through the entire network smart-value solutions, SAIC (600,104 shares) and auto dvd and car dvd player China Telecom jointly developed a new generation of people and vehicles interactive technology. The line wing as a whole network intelligence platform that allows the vehicles, drivers, passengers, cargo is in custody and scheduling of real-time dynamic, allowing the government administration, the vehicle operator of the subject, passengers and cargo stakeholders in real time dynamic, active and passive management can use the resources of the global Internet operations and operations management services for commercial vehicles, ongoing remote optimization and upgrading of a model of car networking, Internet and intelligent traffic system integration development, will lead the commercial vehicle car information services industry change.

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