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Quixx Scratch Remover certainly stands up to its name and removes ugly scratches,Guest Posting scuffs and small marks in an instant and that too without much fuss. It also removes scratches from all types of paint without any trace.

Not only does the scratch remover repairs but also completely removes the scratch. It is not like ordinary scratch remover that just covers up the blemish which only reappears again after a few car washes.

Quixx Scratch Remover has a unique repair system which is a German engineered process called Plastic Deformation. This effectively removes scratches from all paint finishes quickly and safely and ends up saving you thousands of rupees by keeping your auto body safe.

Here are some of the features of Quixx scratch remover
It is simple to use
You get instant results
Its effectiveness has been proven and has been certified by the leading inspection and testing agency in the world
You can use it on almost any painted surface (even metallic) including  motorcycles, ATV's, jet skis, motorhomes and boats
It is completely eco friendly, water-soluble and non-toxic

So back to the actual story. If you own a car, then scratches are sure to make your heart sink. With Quixx you need to follow only one method to deal with them and all you need in return is just a bit of time and patience. To start off make sure you have cleaned the area and dried it off. Try getting some of those factory-matched paint chip bottles. Just make sure that you do not use the brush they come with, or even the 'pen' tip if it has one. Mix it well and dip a toothpick in it. At the tip of the toothpick the paint will gather in a small drip. Use that to drag it on the scratch and make sure that you end up covering only the scratch and not the paint all over the car. It will look a bit raised than the surrounding paintwork and do not bother about it for the moment.

Leave it to dry for a week and remember the thing about time and patience. Now the paint would have surely got hard and time to get a razor blade and lightly cut the raised paint. Now the shaved surface is level with the paint surface around it. You get these results with any product in the market. This is where Quixx stuff shows its class. With Quixx all you need is just cover the scratch area lightly going over the filled scratch and leave it to dry for about 5 seconds. The end result is the same but just in five seconds. However there are some hard core critics who might argue that the scratches are still there in certain light at certain angles, but who cares about critics. After all nobody is going to stoop close around your car to check if it’s ugly. Overall the Quixx Scratch Remover is good and you can use it anywhere. It keeps your car scratchless. Compare to other scratch removers, it works much better not leaving even a mark.

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