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After I started my own business back in 2002, it didn't take me long to find out how badly Trojans (or Trojan horses) can affect a PC. One Trojan/Spyware virus completely wiped out all of my business data, and since then I've made a point of becoming an expert on the subject. Put simply, I need my computers and I cannot deal with 3-4 days downtime to repair them!

In 2003,Guest Posting after almost losing the business I had worked hard to build because of a single incident with a Trojan, I decided I needed to learn more about these types of programs. Both my home and business PC's contain data that I cannot afford to lose, and if one small Trojan could cost me my livelihood, then I needed to protect against them. What surprised me most when I started researching was the wide range of tools available to remove Trojans, and how much those tools varied in quality.

Trojans are malicious pieces of software that appear to perform a safe action, but in fact perform a dangerous function that threatens your computer's security. Malicious trojans can be very dangerous. Trojans can erase your computer's data, corrupt files, install and spread viruses and there are many more security threats (they could steal your personal files for example).

With so many tools out there meant to protect against Trojans, let's discuss what a Trojan remover is and is not.

First, an trojan remover is NOT a tool for restoring lost data. There are tools for meant for that purpose, but the Trojan remover is intended to protect, not restore.

Second, NOT everyone will need an trojan remover. If the PC's you use aren't connected to a network (whether it's a home or business network or the Internet), then the likelihood of getting a Trojan is far less.

Third, a trojan remover IS a comprehensive scanning tool meant to find, remove and protect against Trojans. Most good scanners will remove Trojans, Spyware, Adware, worms, and other types of malware.

Fourth, if you don't take the time to choose the best Trojan Remover, then you shouldn't even bother to waste your time. A poor scanner will leave your system open, and can cause more harm than good! There are so many companies that claim to produce Trojan scanners, but there are really only a few programs that are worth the money you spend on them.

To help you get started: Along with a few of my associates, I took the time to evaluate the five best tools on the market. We rated trojan removers based on the following criteria:

Ease of Use - A good scanner should be so simple that you can protect with a single click.

Power - Simplicity should never sacrifice power, and a good Trojan remover should allow you to adjust settings if you need to.

Trojan Horse Removal - Did the software remove all of the Trojans from the system?

Worms- A good scanner will also remove worms that may not be Trojans.

Browser Hijacking - Trojan removers should protect against further infections by preventing browser hijacking.

Rootkits - Any type of program that is meant to take control of the PC should be removed by the scanner.

SpyBots and Spyware should be eliminated by a good Trojan scanner. The Trojan remover should eliminate keyloggers, automatic dialers, and other types of malware that is intended to steal your personal information.

Malware - Although a Trojan scanner needn't protect against all viruses (that's what your virus scanner is for), it should remove the most common types of malware.

Adware - A good Trojan remover should recognize Ad serving programs, even if those programs aren't specially Trojans/Spyware

Worked on Desktop PC's and Laptops - To ensure that the tools we're comprehensive we tested them all on two different computers.

With our tests, we used a desktop computer that had Windows 7 (32-bit) installed, and a laptop that was running Windows 2003. Once we determined which programs would be in the top-five we also ran those tools on our Mac that runs Windows XP. To ensure fair testing we purposely infected each computer with some of the worst Trojans before each test.

Below I have given the results for the top five Trojan removers available today. The clear winner from our evaluations was XoftSpySE, but the others on our list also performed quite well.

The scanners we have listed encompass the simplest tools available today, and those that performed the best. Even with that though, if you need any help choosing, please feel free to email me ( Also, once you have your Trojan remover working to protect you, be sure to contact me to let me know how it all went.

To keeping the (Trojan) Horses in the stable where they belong,

Ryan Franks



XoftSpySE - Spyware Remover Screen


Ease of Use

Trojan Removal

Customer Support

Overall Rating

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#1 Rated Trojan Remover for 2011

Out of all of the Trojan removers we tested, one program came out on top for all of our criteria. The software is XoftSpySE, and although it's a newer solution on the market, it is the best solution we found for protecting a PC.

XoftSpySE is the most comprehensive solution for Trojans, Spyware, Adware, other types of malware, and for keeping your data safe.

In our tests XoftSpySE scanned faster and caught more errors than any other program. It also removed more Trojans than any of the other programs we tested. It even quarantined most of the viruses that weren't considered to be Trojans (we installed these on purpose to see if the tools we tested would catch them).

The program updated immediately upon installing, and it also updated once more in the couple days that we ran this program. It was clear that this company is working hard to keep their tool up-to-date.

The first time you run the software, it will walk you through the steps to protect your PC. Advanced users will also enjoy complete customizability that comes with this one. After scanning with XoftSpySE our computers were completely cleared of the Trojans that we installed.

When we decided it was time to contact customer support, we found a huge list of FAQ's and other documentation. We actually had trouble coming up with a question that we could ask. This makes finding answers simple. After we did decide on a problem we could ask about, it only took about an hour for the support team to get back to us.

For top-class support, and a top-notch Trojan removal, we are giving this one the award for being #1.

Adware Award 2009

DecemberUpdate: XoftSpySE is currently being offered with a limited-time special. For only $39.90 you get XoftSpySE and the company will throw in their registry scanning tool for free (a $39 value). I've been told that this offer won't last long, so you should take advantage of it now.

In Summary: Out of every tool tested XoftSpySE rated higher in every category. The tool performed better, was updated more often, and had better customer support than any other program on our list. We're giving this one the award, and rating it #1

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No Adware


Ease of Use

Trojan Removal

Customer Support

Overall Rating

Highly Recommended

2. No Adware

In second place we have a program called No Adware. With this product, and then next on our list, they both actually performed very well and we could have put either into second place.

No Adware found almost as many malicious programs as our winner. It also found root kit errors, all of the trojans we had installed, and in general the software performed very well.

On all of our systems the program corrected previous errors caused by Trojans, and worked to give a speed increase once the system was cleaned. Scanning the system is as simple as clicking "Scan My PC", and the software did receive an update in the short time we used it.

The only real complaint we had about this one was that the software is more difficult to change settings with than XoftSpySE. As far as Trojan removal is concerned though it did perform almost as well.

For support we had our question answered immediately using the web sites live chat system.

We are giving No Adware a 9.1 rating and putting it in second place.

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AntiSpyware Adware Remover


Ease of Use

Trojan Removal

Customer Support

Overall Rating

Highly Recommended

3. AntiSpyware

The next tool on our list is AntiSpyware. This one performed as well as No Adware in terms of Trojan removal, but it wasn't quite as simple, and support for this one wasn't as fast.

When we scanned our computers, as expected, all it took was a single scan to remove the Trojans from our system. The software did find as many problems as our number two Trojan remover.

Where this one didn't perform as well was with ease of use. Yes you can scan the system with a single click, but for users who want to setup the software, the options list is more complicated. You can actually set the same options as with XoftSpySE, but the interface is clunky and the options aren't as clear.

Another area where we weren't as pleased was with the software support.

They do have some decent online documentation, and they are supposed to have a live chat support. But, when we used that chat system, it took three attempts before we managed to actually get someone to talk to us.

Even with the minor issues, the product itself performed very well and is simple enough for even the least technical users. We can still highly recommend AntiSpyware as an Trojan Removal tool.

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Spyware Nuker

Rating 8.0/10

Ease of Use

Trojan Removal

Customer Support

Overall Rating

Also Recommended

4. Spyware Nuker

The next Trojan remover on our list is Spyware Nuker. It falls in fourth place because it doesn't seem to be updated as often, and the customer support wasn't as good. Also, Spyware Nuker didn't correct as many issues as the first three on our list.

On all of the PC's tested Spyware Nuker did clean the system with a single scan. Trojans, Adware, tracking cookies, and even a few of the viruses we had on our system were removed. It didn't catch quite as many problems as the first programs on our list, but all of the major issues were corrected.

The issues we had with this one were: the interface is not as easy to use, and they don't update as often as the first two programs on our list.

It also took a full day to get an answer to the question we sent to support. Compared to many companies this isn't bad, but it definitely worked against them when the first two programs on our list provided excellent support.

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Spyware Nuker


Ease of Use

Trojan Removal

Customer Support

Overall Rating

Also Recommended

5. Spyware Cease

In fifth place we have Spyware Cease. This program actually did okay for finding and removing Trojans but we had some other issues that keep it in last place.

This tool found as many errors as our third place product did without having to change any settings. The issues we had were with support, adjustability, and updates.

During the time we tested this software it wasn't updated, and to confirm that this is an issue for this program it also didn't detect the newest adware-trojan that was on our Mac.

The software is also harder to change settings with. There are too few options to make it very adjustable at all.

Finally support for this program was the worst of our top five. They have very little online documentation and the only way to contact them is through a form on their site. We did receive a response to our initial question, but my preference would have been to look through the online help first (why bug them with questions that they already answered for someone else).

Since it did work well for Trojan removal, this program is also recommended. Most users will have an easier time with the first three on our list though.

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