Locksmith Techniques: How To Get Into A Car

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A professional locksmith has to undergo training to become what he is: a master at not only creating locks, but learning how to defeat them. In order to defeat these locks and assist a person who has trapped their keys in their car (one of the most common reasons an emergency service is called), they must make use of various tools to circumvent the locking system.

One of the most powerful tools used by a locksmith is the slim jim. No,Guest Posting not the popular beef jerky treat sold at convenience stores around the country. The slim jim is a strip of metal made in many different widths and lengths to accommodate various cars. The average professional will have many such slim jims to ensure they are ready for virtually any car they might be called upon to open. To use the strip, they will slide it down in between the window and the rubber stripping that holds it flush. This is where skill and patience comes into play. There is a little hook at the end of the slim jim. The user needs to use that hook, find the lock rod of the door, and manipulate that rod until the door unlocks.

While slim jims have long been one of the primary staples of the locksmith, they have become less popular in recent years. Many choose not to use them with newer model cars because they can potentially create damage. This doesn't even address the fact that many newer cars are built to defend against a slim jim unlocking attempt as, predictably, these were also the tools used by car thieves. While it might seem like a good idea to purchase one to have around the house, for these reasons it is not generally recommended.

A locksmith often uses what's called a wedge technique in combination with some gauge wire to open up a car door. By placing a wedge in between the car door and the body, it leaves a gap with which the professional can insert the wire and have a better angle with which he can work with the locking mechanism. This is a more precise method than the slim jim technique and it usually gives more efficient results. 

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