Manual gearbox explanation

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The general manual gearbox basic structure including the power input shaft and output shaft this two major pieces, plus a gearbox gear, this is a manual gearbox the most basic components in 2012.

The engine is the heart of the car,Guest Posting it is the vehicle driving uninterrupted supply of power, the vehicles the main purpose of the gearbox is change gear ratios, will the right through to the output shaft traction on the wheel in order to meet different vehicles in conditions demand. Can say, a gearbox is good or bad, of vehicle dynamic performance will have a direct impact on. In recent 20 years, automobile gearbox has entered the era of debates in the flowers, all kinds of transmission on the market types also let consumer choice face unprecedented rich rise, and manual on market block, automatic-shift, CVT stepless speed, DSG dual clutch, AMT, different kinds of transmission have certain advantages and limitations, and we also will be with all of you to know on the market in succession several different types of transmission theory and property.First, we need to make a brief about the causes of the transmission. Generally speaking, the car's engine is through the burning fuel for power, and the engine in idle speed and the highest speed can be between power output. And in the speed range, engine output torque and power and can't keep consistent, its corresponding maximum can only in the provision of speed appears. On the demand from the vehicle driving force on look, pure depending on the engine produces automobile driving torque can't meet the various stages of driving force to demand. For instance in the beginning stage, need larger torque and low speed, but the engine in low speed couldn't provide enough torque output, in high speed cruise, require a higher speed but less demanding for the torque, and maintain a high speed running at the engine will no doubt cause fuel consumption of meaningless. Thanks to modern engine this car DVD imperfect characteristics, transmission will come into being. In different conditions transmission using different ratio, thus make the vehicle and engine under various working conditions can play the best dynamic performance.Below, we from the most simple structure of the most traditional of manual transmission. The general manual gearbox basic structure including the power input shaft and output shaft this two major pieces, plus a gearbox gear, this is a manual gearbox the most basic components. Power input shaft and the clutch is linked together, from the clutch messages of power directly through the input shaft passed to the gears and gear set is made up of different diameter of gear, different gear combinations, produces different than the tooth, common driving is refers to the shift also change gear ratio. Input shaft power through the transmission of gear wheel, the output shaft transmission to the wheels, this is a manual gearbox the basic working principles.When the wheel turns will also take spline shaft rotation together, at this time, the blue on the gear axis in the relatively free rotation spline shaft happened. Therefore, in the engine to stop, and the wheel is still in turns, blue gear and intermediate bearing out at rest, and with spline shaft, wheel rotation. The principle and the bike is very similar to the front of the car cameras flywheel. Blue gear and spline shaft is connected to the sleeve, with the sleeve spline shaft rotation, but also can control the slide freely in spline shaft to mesh.With these, shift the process is well understood, when sleeve and blue gear when connected, the power of the engine will transfer to the output shaft by aligning intermediate shaft, at the same time, on the left side of the gear in the free rotation and blue, but with no and sleeve mesh, so it wrong spline shaft effect.

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