Mazda in Mexico

Dec 31


Andrew Stratton

Andrew Stratton

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Sales of Mazda grow exponentially in Mexico to make it the eighth largest auto manufacturer in the country.

Mazda sales continue to soar in North America and Mexico as the world renowned car manufacturer revolutionizes certain areas of vehicle technology and luxury. As the automotive industry rebounds from a lackluster couple of years,Mazda in Mexico Articles a few manufacturers are making more gains than everyone else. The company has a new president in 2011 and a new director of sales in Mexico, two big steps that have helped the organization see restructure and growth as two sides of the same coin. The car corporation is boasting sales numbers that are the biggest since 2007 and 2009. In Mexico, they are now the eighth most popular car company. Six years ago, no one in Mexico owned one of these Japanese imports.

Unveiling new technology at Tokyo's Motor Show helped the organization gain international fame with a new battery that uses heat wasted during braking. The battery will store the voltage in capacitors and last longer than traditional electric or hybrid batteries. This helps the consumer spend less money at the fuel pump and save more in the long run.

It is this kind of fuel efficiency, environmental awareness, and luxurious advances in technology that keep Mazda ahead of the pack in an industry that has seen less than exciting sales numbers in recent years. Stewardship to the environment and helping their consumers save money have always been important goals that this car company has worked hard with their research and development departments to advance. As prices at the gas pump rise, consumers are always looking for ways to save money and cars that can save them money by using less fuel are obviously a big hit.

It is likely that Mazda sales will continue to grow in Mexico as the new president continues to expand through Latin America. The company is on track to become one of the most trusted household names in the country for automotive branding. Zoom-zooming across North America, the only drawback to recent advances in sales is the relative downturn in Canadian sales. Canadians have bought fewer Mazda vehicles than ever before and the market seems to be dropping. Analysts are unsure why this is happening, but the result is generally disappointing.
Contact a dealership near you to learn more about the recent advances in luxury and technology that makes these cars so fun and inexpensive to drive. If it has been awhile since you've been behind the wheel, you may be surprised at what a little Zoom-Zoom can do.

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