Mobile phone navigation can help look for parking spaces

Jun 5


jodie mht

jodie mht

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Such as members of the public to go to the north of the city street, click on the stop plate in Jiangbei District in the softwares


  Parking map is divided into four major sections: the main city of the lane and parking services published map; the main city of the top ten business district parking point service maps; lane and stop sign interpretation; lane and parking management services Telephone complaints and lane and parking data. Above detailed also marked the 584 Jeeves parking points,Mobile phone navigation can help look for parking spaces Articles 254 district within the parking building field, the main city district lane and parking management department of the complaints telephone number and contact address.

    The reporter noted that the map were used to indicate a "P", the dark blue box point for indoor parking, blue box, a "P" to indicate the temporary lane and parking spaces and limited lane and parking spaces, green box a "P" to indicate the points for free parking.

    The parking map, including all indoor parking points in the main city, the point of the lane and parking points and free parking. "City Parking Office of the relevant responsible person said, spent more than two months before and after the system this parking map," This is the main city is the most comprehensive parking map.

    "Parking on the map is still improving." The person responsible for parking map is divided into three completed only one production. He said that currently two production underway. Mainly entered the main city of Area 10, more than 3,000 parking building field and over 30,000 lane and parking spaces for specific distribution.

    Such as members of the public to go to the north of the city street, click on the stop plate in Jiangbei District in the software, you can immediately show the specific location of each parking floor field. You can also choose to click on "show the location of the interface, the software can automatically locate your vehicle location, and parking spaces within your area, respectively, in what place.

    "The owners do not have to worry about parking position is not clear, because each car park are the latitude and longitude." The person in charge, such as parking building near the landmark building, how to walk has been recorded. Currently, the Parking Office is coordinating the related technologies, as soon as possible during the year for all smart phone software.

    Parking map produced by the two there is a powerful feature - the GPS navigation to find parking spaces. "If you sense of direction is not good, directly on the phone click parking spaces, you can with the prompts to reach." The official said, the two software upgrades, there will be automatic navigation function, as long as the owners set up a destination, the software will automatically give You plan the best "stop line".

    Navigation function is expected to be opened this year, "the official said, the third phase will complete all the parking spots parking spaces of the parking map is updated in real time.Main product: car camera . For example, the owners see the Liberation Monument the Jiangbei somewhere in the 50 parking spaces, arrival may have no parking space. Parking is updated in real time, change once per minute, even in here to find a parking space near the parking lot for you to choose.

    The final public parking map click on the phone, not only for navigation, will also be able to see the number of parking spaces for each parking spots, fees, and monthly price.