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Motorcycle helmet is a headgear used to offer protection to the riders of motorcycles. The ultimate purpose to wear the helmet is to ensure the head of the rider is protected when an accident occurs. This will prevent the rider from sustaining head injuries and also it is a saver to his life.

There are a variety of motorcycles helmets in the market today and all are meant for the same purpose but may have distinguishing features from each other. The most common types of motorcycle helmets are; full face helmets,Guest Posting open face, half helmet, motocross or off road helmets and modular helmets.The full face helmets are meant for the motorcycle riders who desire to have the best and at the same time all-round protection. By having this type of helmet, a rider will have all parts of his or her head wholly covered and this means safety is guaranteed. Full face helmets usually have a shield which flips down which offers maximum protection against harmful rays from the sun, any debris and also strong blowing wind.The modular type of helmets also known as the flip up helmets, has a chin bar which can be moved upwards or at times removed so as to ensure access to the rider`s face. This allows the rider to be able to even eat or hold a conversation without necessarily having to undo the chinstrap or to remove the modular helmet. This type of helmet is convenient to most touring riders since they are versatile as they only need to pivot up the chin bar and have view easily.The open face helmets usually are meant to offer coverage to the cheeks, the back side of the rider`s head and even to the ears. These helmets do not have a chin bar on their lower part like the full face type. This simply means that the open face helmets will offer rear protection like the full face helmet and have partial face protection. Alternatively, riders can wear sunglasses so as to act as a supplement to protect their eyes against dust or wind when riding.Motocross or the off-road helmets have a stretched chin bar and they are opened partially so as to offer the rider maximum protection. This also allows the continuous flow of air when riding while wearing the motocross helmet. These motorcycle helmets also have an elongated visor which provides protection to the rider against flying objects or debris as well as enabling him to hide his or her head. So for any rider planning or about to have a ride in the sandy areas or roads, motocross helmet will be most suitable.The half helmet types are usually designed in the same way like the open face helmet in the front side with no any rear which is lowered. The half helmet will provide little coverage as compared to the other types of helmets.However, due to the many types of helmets in the markets today, it is advisable for any prospective and potential buyers to choose the right or correct type of helmet. By taking this into consideration, a rider will buy the helmet which will offer the maximum safety and protection. This is made possible by manufacturers by producing different types of helmet in terms of their size, color and other features. At Burn Out Italy, all types of motorcycle helmets all available going for different prices depending on the type.

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