New Group buy for Eonon GA6151F Android 5.1 Car DVD for Mazda 3 2004-2009

Aug 18


Susan Li

Susan Li

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the group buy is now activated due to enough 10 guys would like to join! Hurry up to grab this awesome Android Car DVD now, cheers! Android 2 DIN Car Stereo GA2114 and G2110F.


Hi guys,New Group buy for Eonon GA6151F Android 5.1 Car DVD for Mazda 3 2004-2009 Articles breaking news that we have launched a hot latest GA6151F Android 5.1 Mazda 3 navigation for you lately, which is liked by many guys here! Many thanks for your great support to Eonon, after announcing it here in less than 10 days, the group buy is now activated due to enough 10 guys would like to join! Hurry up to grab this awesome Android Car DVD now, cheers!


Group Buy details:


- GA6151F Group Buy Price:

Original Price: 349USD on our website

GB Price: 309USD

Save 30 USD


(Note: Price in EUR/GBP/AUD is not determined by currency rate with USD, but the GB always help you save a lot compared to the original price.)


Here is the GA6151F Mazda 3 Navigation Group Buy Link with discounted price for Members ONLY.


For those who want a A0119 camera with GA6151F Android Car DVD in group buy price, ONLY 29USD!


Just order from this group buy link with GB price directly is OK! Quite easy! First come, first served! Welcome to share this great GB news as well as the free camera news with your friends and also in other forums!


And don't forget to tell me your order No. or Email after you finish the order, so that I can provide you better after sale service!


And welcome you guys to share your nice installation pics, vid and review after getting it, thanks a lot!


-GB Time

Aug. 16, 2016 - Sep. 16, 2016



Buying from official website, you can get unique as long as 1 year warranty, which you can't get anywhere else!


-Payment & Shipping :

It's free shipping to the US. We will arrange shipment in 2 days for each of you respectively after getting your payment, you can usually receive your items in 3-6 days after our postage.


Awesome installation pics from our fans Shane Train, thank you so much!


Android 2 DIN Car StereoGA2114 and G2110F. Just a heads up, bluetooth has no quality increase in the 4.0 spec. There are 2 levels of bluetooth audio quality available to us (and have been for a while);


SBC: This was introduced to the A2DP profile in bluetooth 1.3 and is a royalty free modified version of mpeg 2 audio (DVD audio). This is what the far majority of headphones, speakers, and phones use. The audio codec isn't actually bad (DVD audio was an audiophiles wet dream after VHS/Tape, laserdisc, and video cd) but no matter the codec, recompressing a compressed stream (which is what all the music on your phone would be) can really drop the audio quality.


aptX: Several years ago a company designed and licensed a proprietary A2DP codec to replace SBC. Not only did it offer higher bitrates (it was based on higher bluetooth standards which offered faster speeds than 1.3) but it was designed to have a minimum impact in quality loss when recompressing compressed music. The downside is it is not widespread in use, mostly because it needs to be supported in HARDWARE (on both ends) and does not come as a software update. It also cost manufacturers money in licensing fees. You will find many android flagship phones support it (LG is a big supporter putting it even their budget VOLT phone, although NONE of Apples devices support it) but it is a 2 way street, your headphones/speaker/deck unit needs to support aptX as well.


GA5156F Opel Navi, and more Vauxhall Sat Nav are on Sale now. You’ll get a free camera. In my last car I used a USB powered bluetooth receiver attached to the line in of my deck, the receiver supported aptX. On my new Mazda with Connect I found the bass takes a huge hit over its SBC based bluetooth so instead I copied my music to a usb stick and just play my music off that. It sounds great and it offloads work from my phone.


No, don't own the unit. I just know the bluetooth spec. There was no change to the audio codec SBC since 1.3. Until a new royalty free codec is implemented, we are still stuck on SBC (or aptX, as I outlined where both the source and speaker need to support aptX in hardware). Technically you CAN opt in codecs like aac and mp3 but since that still requires the output hardware side to pay royalties for the codec support it is never done. Welcome to search Vauxhall Sat Nav on google, then you’ll find the best Android Car DVD for your car, cheers.