How to burn a DVD from iMovie to watch on TV

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Burn to DVD from iMovie with best quality without iDVD, burn to DVD from iMove 09, burn to DVD from iMovie'11 by DVD Maker for Mac.

"How to burn dvd from iMovie?

So I have to burn dvd's from iMovie from a video I made for a banquet tomorrow! I have a brand new mac,Guest Posting and iDVD isn't there anymore, and the video is too big to email to my other mac. How can I burn a dvd of this video!?"

Have you ever want to email a video that form iMovie, and it is too big?

To burn dvd from imovie is a anxiety for many Mac users:

Exported so many times using all different formats QuickTime, Mpeg4 etc and share to iDVD I can't seem to get the DVD to work without skipping on your DVD player?

What should be the best export format?

How to burn a DVD of my movie without it taking on a theme from iDVD?

If I export to idvd then it wants to theme it all over again. Just want to make a dvd of the project?

Or you will meet the headache like following:

If we can't find a good solution for above questions after a tough Google search, if you has disappointed with the low quality made by iDVD, if the DVD didn't play well on your TV. Let's make things easier and directly. We need burn iMovie movies to DVD disk directly and play it on normal DVD player smoothly or TV in 4:3 ratio completely good. Let's simply burn iMovie exported movie to DVD disc by Professional DVD Creator for Mac.

Firstly, export movie from iMovie:

1 Choose File>Share.

2 Export using QuickTime formats

3. Export window choose To QuickTime from the Export drop down menu, if necessary. Choose an appropriate format from the Formats menu. The chart below may help you decide between the various formats. Choose Full Quality HD DV is recommended to make sure the exporting quality.

4 Type a name for your movie file and select a destination.

5 Click Save

Then the left is directly import the iMovie exported movie to DVD Maker for Mac to burn to DVD disk and this is much easier than the above.

Step 1: Import your iMovie exported movies from your Document location you save the movies on PC by click Add File.

Tip: If you didn't need much editing on iMovie, you can just directly import the original file without editing to the program, for this program also offer trim option by clicking trim icon. So you can keep the high quality in 720p or 1080p which iMovie can never arrive.

Step 2: Choose DVD-5 (4.7G) or DVD-9 (8.5G) as the output according your DVD disk specs.

Tip: before burn to DVD disk, if you want the DVD disk looks more perfect, you can use Customize Menu edit function.

Step 3: Begin to burn to DVD.

Press the "Burn" Button to jump out the following window to choose ISO files or DVD.

If choose DVD, please inset a New Blank DVD to PC DVD Drive and click "Apply" button, then the DVD burning start, after a short time, you will see the Prompt Dialog Box to show the Burning ended.

If choose ISO file, the original video files will be burn to ISO file and save in your Hard Drive of PC.

DVD Aspect Ratio: For widescreen it is 16:9, for the standard TV it 4:3.

More about DVD Maker for Mac:DVD Maker for Mac is the perfect Mac DVD Creator specializes in burning all kinds of videos to DVD Disk. It supports importing dv, wmv,3gp, mov, vob, mpg, asf, flv, avi, rm, rmvb, mp4, mkv, mka, m4v, ac3, tod, mod movie formats to output DVD for DVD 5 and DVD 9 Disk. Before burning to DVD it back up trim the imported video, amazing Customizable Menu Templates and direct preview.

Mac DVD maker is also an excellent DVD editor for you. In trim option, you can clip the video duration; in Customizable Menu Templates option, it allows you to set up personalized background image, background music, Menu Title, Button Style and Frame. After do these wonderful setting you are able to preview the effect.

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