Oil Change: 6 Awesome Benefits For Your Vehicle

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Thinking about skipping your next oil change? Stop right there. Regularly scheduled oil changes are important to the life of your engine. Here are 6 awesome benefits of oil changes.

When was your last oil change? Don’t remember? Hey,Guest Posting that's not good! An oil change involves draining old motor oil and replacing it with fresh oil. Experts say that synthetic engine oil should be changed every 5,000 miles. Conventional engine oil should be changed every 3,000 miles. Mechanics also recommend changing the oil filter with every oil change. Here are 6 awesome benefits of oil changes.

Keep Your Engine Clean

Oil changes play an important role in keeping your motor clean. Like anything else, motors function better when they are clean. Don’t let your automobile run on dirty engine oil. This is harmful to the environment and your vehicle. Changing the oil filter every 3,000 miles also helps to remove impurities from the motor oil and engine.

Extend the Life of Your Engine

Changing the oil is vital to your engine’s health. Skipping oil changes can reduce the life of your engine by tens of thousands of miles. Fresh engine oil lubricates the parts of your engine and keeps them from rubbing against each other and causing damage.

Improve Your Gas Mileage

If you don’t change your oil, your engine will work harder, and you will burn more fuel. If you have a well-lubricated motor, you’ll get more miles per gallon of gas and save cash at the gas station. On average, replacing old engine oil with new oil improves gas mileage by a few cents per gallon. Remember that you need fuel to make your engine run, but you also need motor oil to keep it alive.

Reduce the Risk of Overheating

Motor oil cools your engine by carrying heat away from moving parts. If your engine oil level is low, your car runs the risk of overheating. You should do what you can to keep the engine from overheating, because if it does, you could end up being stranded in the middle of nowhere. You need to check your engine oil level frequently to make sure this does not happen.

Oil Changes are Inexpensive

Oil changes are inexpensive and the benefits they provide make them an important part of regular maintenance. An oil change will cost you anywhere from $25 to $30 dollars, depending on the service center you choose. There's no reason to wait another week. If you take pride in your ride, contact a certified mechanic and make an appointment for your oil change. Regularly scheduled oil changes will keep your vehicle running smoothly- all year long!

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