Oil Change- Going Green?

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An oil change is not typically associated with protecting the environment, but many companies and regulatory agencies are offering alternatives to change that. Used motor oil can be recycled in a number of ways, including re-refining it into base stock for lubricating oil. In addition, there are new types of oil filters that keep oil cleaner and increase the interval between oil changes.

An oil change is not something that typically makes people think of environmental friendliness. In fact,Guest Posting the use of oil in vehicles has harmful effects on the planet and contributes to air pollution. While many car makers are manufacturing vehicles that operate on alternative fuel sources, they are also trying to create more eco-friendly ways of burning fossil fuels. Likewise, other automotive industry professionals are hard at work finding ways to lessen the harmful effects that existing vehicles have on the environment. One way to protect the environment is through the use of re-refined motor oil.

Most states now prohibit the disposal of used motor oil, mandating that it instead be recycled in one way or another. Recycling oil filters and bottles is also required in some places, because they may still contain up to one quart and one ounce of oil, respectively. Filters can be utilized in steel mills, and bottles are made of recyclable plastic. These types of regulations have been implemented to conserve energy resources and keep the oil out of bodies of water. When used oil is disposed of improperly, it can contaminate soil, groundwater, and drinking water. A million gallons of fresh water can become contaminated by only one gallon of used oil. This used oil can be recycled and utilized as a source of energy. It can be reprocessed into fuel, which can be used in power plants to generate electricity.

Used oil can also be re-refined and used again as lubricating oil in cars. The re-refined oil meets the same American Petroleum Institute specifications as unused oil. It is safe to use in your vehicle, and will perform at the same level as brand new oil. Re-refined oils are given API Service Symbols that tell you what their performance levels, viscosities, and energy conserving properties are. When you get an oil change, you can ask the mechanic if he or she carries re-refined oil. Another environmentally friendly product being offered at oil change locations is a dual filtering device.

Once only offered for diesel trucks, extended performance filters are now available for use in normal cars, trucks, and SUVs. These devices consist of a standard filter, like the one your car normally uses, and a bypass "micro filter". As oil enters the normal filter, a portion of it (3 to 5 percent) is diverted into the bypass filter. The auxiliary filter removes dirt particles that are too small to be caught by the main filter. Eventually, after about one hundred hours, all of the motor oil will have traveled through the micro filter. The result is cleaner engine oil, more effective detergent and anti-oxidation additives, and longer intervals between services.

A vehicle that would normally need an oil and filter change after 5,000 miles can be driven up to 30,000 miles before changing the oil. The filter only needs to be replaced after every 10,000 miles. By greatly increasing the interval between maintenance checks, dual filtration devices allow you to dramatically lower the amount of oil you buy. As a result, there is less potentially harmful used oil being produced.

While other sources of energy are continuing to be developed, America still relies heavily on oil for about forty percent of its energy needs. In the auto industry, alternative fuel sources and electric cars are not the only measures being taken to protect the planet. At your next oil change, ask your mechanic about these earth-friendly options.

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