Oil Change: Why Are Oil Filters Important?

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When you get an oil change, you should consider getting your filters changed as well. Filters are just as important as oil changes because an oil filter keeps your oil clean. 

A filter is important,Guest Posting because it can keep dirt and debris from ending up in your engine and your transmission. If you do not change your filter, you may notice that your vehicle does not accelerate as well as vehicles with a clean filter. Some people get a scheduled oil change but do not get a filter at the same time. It is important to have the filter replaced because even if you get fresh lubricant, all of it may not reach the vital parts of your engine if you do not have a fresh filter and your old filter is clogged.

There are several types of filters available, but a mechanic knows how to choose the best filter for your vehicle. If you do not know the type of filter that is being used in your vehicle, do not be afraid to ask the mechanic. He or she will tell you your options. Some filters are more expensive than others, but those that are more expensive may not necessarily be better. A filter that allows the lubricant to reach your engine more quickly is best.

Allowing the mechanic to change your filter will also save you time and possibly money because you will not need to go and purchase the tools necessary to complete the task. Inexperienced people who attempt to perform auto maintenance risk possible injury to themselves or damage their vehicles. Most people want to know when they should have their filter changed. Consider changing it every time you get an oil change. You can also check your vehicle's maintenance guide to read the recommendations from the manufacturer. Most mechanics check the filter when they perform maintenance, and they will inform you if a new filter is recommended. If your mechanic does not normally tell you when the filter should be replaced, ask him or her to check the filter and let you know.

Having your filters replaced may result in improved gas mileage in addition to improved acceleration. You can also keep your engine from wearing out more quickly, because ignoring your filter can pose the same risks as ignoring an oil change. In fact, if your filter is not replaced over a significant period of time, getting an oil change may do little good. If the filter is completely clogged, the lubricant will not reach your engine, so you will end up wasting money.

If you do not have your filter replaced, do not be surprised if you find yourself needing a new engine or new parts. The next time your mechanic asks you if you would like to have your filters replaced, agree to the extra charge. If you do not pay the extra expense at the present, you will end up having to pay a much larger price in the future. Auto repairs tend to occur when you least expect them and when you are ill prepared. Keeping up with all of your auto repair needs will keep you on the road in your current vehicle longer.

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