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 Wonder to police, the stolen vehicle lock and pry damaged, followed by the police, through visits and technicals means

Peng Dejun stars Air technology staff. Before stars Air Shandong Office,Guest Posting and later promoted after the factory manager to the stars Hang bigger, he told me that a class of business to sell products, two types of business to sell themselves, three types of companies to sell the company. Stars Air is selling the company's business, the Germans are selling their own business, not the General Assembly to speak, but down to earth to replace the ideal, for the agent to solve the problem. I have so many years, the only attracted to the good brother

 Shandong Radio and Television "people's livelihood through train" reported cars parking less, is a common problem, the car not only on the road block to the unit every day to have breakfast, just to grab parking spaces, some cars still on the road to stop edge, this emergence of new problems, car parked unattended and stolen stolen, and sometimes really hard to detect.

    The squadron commander of the Jinan Huaiyin District, Interpol, Zhang said that the owners have a GPS in his car safety, we tune GPS video, we see the trajectory of the vehicle stolen. Finally, in the near Zhangqiu East Outer Ring, find the car.

    Wonder to police, the stolen vehicle lock and pry damaged, followed by the police, through visits and technical means, and finally on March 5, 2012, Zhangqiu criminal suspect arrested.

    According to the confession of the suspect, the car leasing companies, out rent for a period of time. Car rental period, he secretly went to the science and technology to the market to buy a GPS device secretly to the placement of the car, they stole with car keys.

    Own installation of GPS positioning system in the early morning of December 4, in Jinan, near the nine-level professionals to find the car, the suspect, Lee account.

    Lee said, after he stole a car, in order to avoid the police to trace the first detour to the Jiyang relieved himself installed GPS. When he drove to the Zhangqiu turn vehicle owners to install the GPS removed. But in the end did not escape the law. Phenomenon for vehicle theft, the police are given the following to remind.

    Jinan Huaiyin District Interpol squadron commander Zhang: "conditional stop to the parking lot of the people on duty for the best, does not this condition, you buy a lock, the lock on the steering wheel to prevent theft of vehicles is also very effective.

 Shortly after midnight, one just on the licensing of new Passat stolen in the cell downstairs. After receiving the report,Main product: auto dvd  the public security Tanggu Branch of the Criminal Investigation Brigade police stolen car GPS position along the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed inter-provincial track. Suzhou, Jiangsu province found a stolen vehicle, police rain Dunshou 48 hours with the local Interpol, in one fell swoop allegedly received stolen automotive plant destroyed a total recovery of stolen Passat, Honda CRV, Honda Accord 7 vehicles.

    The morning of February 5, 2012, Mr. Wang, who lives in a Tanggu district, ready to drive to work, parked downstairs the night before, just on licensing child two days of the new Passat was gone. He hurried to report to public security Tanggu Branch of the Criminal Investigation Brigade for the first time. Passat stolen information to the police, and referred to the license of their vehicles in Beijing, while in the car to install the GPS positioning system.

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