Role of Forklifts for the Construction Industry

Jan 12




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What are forklifts? And why is the forklift a must in construction?


Forklifts are the strong and powerful machines used by the construction employees to lift heavy objects. On the other hand,Role of Forklifts for the Construction Industry Articles forklifts are also construction vehicles used to excavate/move large objects. Forklifts and forklifts are some of the most valuable equipment used in construction to complete the projects fast and efficiently. But what is an excavator used for and why you need a forklift in your construction projects.


The main uses of Forklifts


To lift a heavy amount of soil, an excavator is a must to have. Excavator is one of the most popular construction vehicles that feature an arm, movable tracks, bucket, and rotating cab. These components give excellent digging power and easy mobility. It performs various functions from digging narrow trenches to braking holes to lift away waste and mining excavation.


Forklifts are required for a variety of industrial and contractor needs. It includes road construction, building constructions, demolitions, and mining. There are different types of forklifts used for different purposes. Small forklifts to handle drilling and digging function while large machines to perform having duty projects. Because of their high cost, renting them is cost-effective for many small to even big companies. But when you are looking for forklift sales company, then you need to consider three things; size, speed, and the overall work conditions such as the type of soil and the amount of space.


The main types of forklifts in the construction industry are suction forklifts, dragline forklifts, long reach forklifts, skid steer, and crawlers.


Over the years, more and more contractors are utilizing a mini excavator. It is a small-sized excavator with the capability of minimizing ground damage and it fits well on narrow and crowded sites like indoor spaces and parking lots. Mini forklifts are also called a compact excavator. Although there are many types of forklifts, each performs a specific function but the core functionality is similar. Their digging and lifting abilities make them an important component for the construction site.


These small to large pieces of heavy equipment are operated by excavation contractors to dig the earth and move dirt around. The most common job includes grading, trenching, and landscaping.


Use of Forklifts in Construction Projects


A forklift is an important vehicle used in construction. It has a power-operated platform at the very front and the fork can be lowered, raised, and inserted underneath a cargo for the purpose of lifting and moving objects. Electrical batteries and combustion engines are used to power up the forklifts. The main purpose of using forklifts is to transport goods and materials from one place to another. There are many forklifts that allow the operator to sit when driving while others require the operator to stand. These forklifts are called standup forklifts.

But where forklifts are most commonly used? A forklift has various other names such as lift truck, forklift truck, and fork truck. These machines have revolutionized the transportation of goods. Forklifts were invented at the start of the 20th century, these machines are now an integral component of industrial workplaces. Forklifts are commonly used for:


  • Unloading, stacking ships and barges
  • Moving and transporting heavy cargos
  • Shipping steel and wood
  • Recycling purposes basically for unloading recycling trucks or containers
  • Industrial uses to carry and transport material to certain locations
  • Both lifting and can be used as a vehicle
  • Unloading pallets of blocks, steel joints, and bricks
  • Warehouse operations-basically for loading and unloading trucks


Forklifts are available in different variations and loading capabilities. An average load capacity is almost 1 to 5 tons for most of the typical forklifts. Machines large in size has the capacity of 40 to 50 tons for lifting heavy loads.