Salvage Auctions in Wisconsin

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There are many different parts and accessories that you can buy at a salvage yard. They offer great prices and parts that you might not be able to find anywhere else.

They sometimes even offer warranty to go along with the part. One thing that most persons don’t know about salvage yards is that they can also buy vehicles at the salvage yards. As some individuals may know salvage yards get their parts when people sell vehicles that they don’t want to fix for whatever the reason.

What the salvage yards may do is if the damage is not that extent they may just fix that vehicle and sell it back at a much cheaper price. You get the title and if you are lucky depending on the damage you may also get a new paint job. This can be great for teenagers and college children on a budget who are looking that first car or one that can take then place to place. They may be in luck and find a vintage car that hadn’t been in an accident and the owner just wanted to get rid of it. There are persons selling cars like a 1990 mini with only 9000 miles and no other previous owner to a salvage yard. There are some salvage yards that sell the vehicles as they are and all you need to do is buy one that doesn’t need that much fixing up. The best strategy is to visit the salvage yard before the auction so that you can make a note of the cars that you would want to bid on. This will give you an advantage and if possible take a mechanic with you so that they can access the vehicle and decide how much work it’s going to need and how much it would cost you to recondition it.

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