Six Best Selling Family Cars

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Six best-selling family cars. All rank among the top in safety and performance.

It may have briefly crossed your mind when you decided to build a family that you may need a vehicle that is suitable for everyone. However,Guest Posting you should not feel like you need to trade in your sports car for an unappealing minivan. There are plenty of new cars that not only fit your entire household, but look so absolutely sporty that no one would think it was meant for a family.

Hitting off with the SUVs is the Audi Q7. For those who are not put off by its hefty price tag at $46,000 the luxury SUV seats a family of 7 and has the highest safety ratings for both front and side crash tests. It comes with a luxurious interior that is to be expected of any Audi, optional DVD screens for the children, and a rear view camera for added safety, all of which added together makes the perfect family SUV.

Ford has introduced its newly improved Territory, now with a diesel engine and amenities found in luxury vehicles. It comes with an impressive touch-screen GPS system, rear view camera, and numerous storage compartments, all perfectly laid out in a sleek-bodied SUV that you would want to actually want to be seen in.

Synonymous with reliability, Toyota is the best-selling car manufacturer in the world. Comparable to the Ford Territory, the Toyota Kluger's price tag is a tad more modest. Don't let that fool you, though. It is equipped with a quality interior, including a rear view camera, comfortable seats (great for long trips), and well-laid out computer system. As far as safety goes, the Kluger comes with seven airbags, stability and traction control on wet roads, and Brake Assist for added measure. And with any Toyota, the smooth trademark drive is present.

Or are you more interested in a vehicle that provides comfort in the city, but can provide fun off-road driving at the same time? The Mitsubishi Challenger embodies both those qualities. It comes with 6 standard airbags and stability control. The 4-Wheel Drive allows you to off-road when not towing your children around the city. This stylish mid-sized SUV really does embody the best of both worlds.

The Hyundai Santa Fe is often overlooked when people compare SUVs. However, it has many great features that makes it an excellent choice when it comes to family-friendly vehicles. It has a 5-star safety rating and front, side, and curtain airbags. Newly added is an R turbo engine and a six-speed transmission that produces lower emissions than its previous model.

Considered one the best people mover, the Honda Odyssey boasts a roomy seven seated interior that fits your children and their friends. As with all Honda vehicles, safety is a top priority. Its safety ratings all hit high marks and the people mover is rated as one of the safest vehicles on the market. Comfort and stability makes driving your family around feel effortless. As the best-selling family car in the world, you really cannot go wrong with a Honda Odyssey.

There it is: 6 of the best-selling family cars. They all rank among the top in safety and performance. The interiors have a range of luxury features to make your driving experience better while the stylish exteriors show that being a parent doesn't mean you have to settle for anything less.

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