The 5 Electric Cars With The Longest Range

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For many years, the rise of electric cars was hindered by their lack of mileage between charges. It was common that just as drivers settled in for a long journey, their electric vehicle would run out of power, and they would have to spend hours charging their car before they could go any further.

Now however, a new generation of electric cars are offering ranges from a single charge that not so long ago would have been unthinkable. Our article outlines the 5 of them that deliver the longest distances!

Imagine a car which has zero emissions,Guest Posting government subsidies of £3,500 off the purchase price, and is tax-free. Oh, and it requires less maintenance, has lower running costs, AND creates nearly no noise.

This car is not a mere fantasy, it exists today in the form of an electric vehicle (EV). But despite all these benefits, electric cars only comprise 1-2% of UK annual car sales - so why aren’t more UK drivers buying EVs?

In a survey by YouGov, the most common concern for 81% of respondents was their range. But the ranges of EVs are improving all the time, meaning many options are available if you require a car which provides significant mileage.

Here, Yellow Car Shop have assessed the longest-range EVs, comparing their top speed, 0-60 mph acceleration time, range, and budget bracket.



  1. ‘The Splash Out’ - The 2021 Tesla Roadster


Top Speed: 250 mph

Range: 620 Miles

0-60 mph in: 1.9 Seconds

Price: £38,000 (Base Series) - £250,000 (Founders Series)



  • A supercar for the real world: The Tesla Roadster has ‘Supercar’ status, but offers spacious, practical design
  • A luxury vehicle: The Roadster boasts a lightweight, removable glass roof, and showcases a sleek, modern, and minimalist ‘spaceship’ style design. The look is complemented by futuristic features such as fingerprint warlocks and DriverAssist
  • All-Wheel Drive
  • Seats 4



  • Not released yet: The Roadster has been in development since 2017 and was due to come out in 2020, but this was delayed by COVID-19. Tesla may have to delay the release further to update the vehicle’s design, so it’s now speculated to be coming out in 2022. You can reserve your Roadster for a deposit of £29,000
  • The price tag: The Founders Series costs a staggering £250,000!
  • Design flaws: Some reviewers have expressed doubts about certain design components, including the ‘butterfly wheel’ which is not road legal in some areas



  1. ‘The Investment’ - The Tesla Model S Long Range


Top Speed: 162 mph

Range: 405 Miles

0-60 mph in: 2.3 Seconds

Price: From £73,990



  • Cheaper than the Roadster: At £73,990 The Model S Long-Range is more affordable than its £250,000 counterpart
  • Similar features to the Roadster, but more practical: The Model S has more space than the Roadster; it can be transformed into a seven-seater AND includes extra storage space
  • Offers Semi-Autonomous Driving Assistance
  • Can seat 7



  • BIG! The Model S is pretty chunky. Get used to inching around country lanes and squeezing into parking spaces!
  • Price: While it’s cheaper than the Roadster, buying a Model S is still not a decision to take lightly seeing as it costs £73,990



  1. ‘The Compromise’ - Volkswagen ID.3


Top Speed: 99 mph

Range: 340 Miles

0-60 mph in: 7.1 Seconds

Price: From £32,000



  • Seats 5
  • Offers a quiet, smooth, and responsive drive
  • A practical vehicle which provides a decent amount of space and a reasonably large boot
  • At 340 Miles range, it offers a lot of distance for its price



  • Too familiar perhaps? Little difference between the appearance of this vehicle and the Volkswagen Golf
  • Not flashy: Some reviewers have found the ID.3 ‘unmemorable’ on account of its practical design. But for a daily-use car, it’s a great compromise.



  1. ‘The Best Of Both Worlds’ - The Polestar 2


Top Speed: 127 mph

Range: 292 Miles

0-60 mph in: 4.1 Seconds

Price: From £49,900



  • A happy balance: The Polestar is fantastic value for money, and a great compromise between a practical car and a Supercar
  • Qualifies for the UK’s low emission car grant: You can get up to £3,000 off the purchase price when you buy a Polestar 2!
  • Has Four-Wheel Drive
  • Has Android User Interface: Connects easily to Google Maps
  • Has a decent amount of space in both the cabin and the boot
  • Seats 5
  • Includes a front boot for extra storage



  • It can be difficult to find charging points for non-Tesla electric cars
  • Design hitches: The back windows don’t wind all the way down, and someone needs sit in the driver’s seat for the windows to work
  • Only connects to Android phones: Not so good for Apple users!



  1. ‘The Eco Warrior’ – The Hyundai Kona Electric


Top Speed: 126 mph

Range: 256 Miles

0-60 mph in: 6.4 Seconds

Price: From £17,396



  • Seats 5
  • Has a decent-sized boot
  • Offers value for money: The Kona Electric has a range of up to 256 miles, and a top speed of 126 MPH. Not bad for a car starting at £17,396!
  • Fuel efficient: One of the most energy efficient electric cars around, with an 120 MPG-e rating
  • Handles well: Offers a responsive drive and does 0-60 in under 7 seconds



  •  Boxy design: The vehicle is square, with a functional interior





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