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According to CCID Consulting predicts that by 2009 China's auto electronics market will reach 143.41 billion yuan.

In addition to the high-profile field of car alarm,Guest Posting another is enough to surprise in the automotive field. , September 1, 2003, the State since the implementation of the new vehicle traveling data recorder "standards, Zhejiang Virgin Technology Co., Ltd. to launch China's first fingerprint vehicle traveling data recorder, have launched a pilot training fingerprint management system, the unit fingerprint management system of official vehicles fingerprint management system, bus, taxi fingerprint management system, the fingerprint of the public parking management system, driver's license fingerprint management system, highway fees fingerprint management system such as a series of car fingerprint management system products, according to industry pointed out that in China, Zhejiang Virgin fingerprint recognition technology with the vehicle management combined with one of the best companies, it is estimated, its representative products - fingerprint IC card driver training management system products annual sales of more than 50,000 sets, about 15% of the total sales in nearly 80 suppliers (excluding fingerprint module Enterprises) was ranked first.

 Of course, the fingerprint recognition technology in the automotive sector Overall, China in the automotive management applications is not very common, but also not attracted sufficient attention.

With the continuous adjustment of the pattern of the global automotive industry, China has become the world's fourth largest car producer. The corresponding rise in the consumer market and improve vehicle safety, entertainment and convenience requirements, which undoubtedly gave birth to the enormous business opportunities for China's auto electronics industry. 

According to the analysis of industry professionals in the automotive electronics market demand, car security, security needs of the most enormous, about 40% of the total demand, and as the most mature technology, the most widely used fingerprint recognition security, security technology will play a huge role, it is estimated that 2009, the size of the market in car security, security should be 400-500 billion yuan.

In automotive management, although the domestic since the 1990s in the conscious control of the government official vehicles the size and explore a new method of management of official vehicles, but the results are not very obvious. In the official car use and management experience from foreign governments, although large-scale, but the management is very strict. Main products: car dvd player and car dvd , are with good quality. So the demand side, with strict and perfect management methods and management system of public service vehicles not only the urgent needs of the Chinese government, is also a lot of large companies and public transportation, logistics enterprises urgently need.

According to the China Economic Times reported in 2005, a conservative estimate, China's bus has reached 3.5 million, annual spending on the bus up to 300 billion yuan. CPPCC National Committee members survey found that social cars per thousand kilometers compared to 8215.4 yuan, government agencies and other units of each vehicle efficiency of the bus five times as high as tens of thousands of dollars per taxi, and the transportation costs only 13% of the bus in the post consumption.

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