How to become an expert fingerprint examiner

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One needs to undergo intensive training program and cover some of the major subjects which can be beneficial in case studies. One should contact the local agency or professional agent to have some useful guidance to become an expert fingerprint technician.

Fingerprint technicians are the experts who help in solving crimes by collecting the finger print samples at the crime scene. By collecting the fingerprint samples,Guest Posting it becomes quite easy for them to solve any type of crime very easily. The technicians use different types of technological enhancements and chemicals to read the ridge impressions of known suspects. The fingerprint experts need to arrange detailed reports which they have collected from the crime scenes. The experts also need to appear in the courts as expert witness. The fingerprint technicians are hired by several agencies, like FBI, police agencies and other detective agencies. The salary of these technicians is also quite satisfactory with good thrill and action. There are some effective ways to become an expert fingerprint technician and these tips will really help in achieving good results.

It is quite difficult to become a fingerprint expert but if the plan is focused one can easily choose the best college or institute for this course. One needs to gather huge amount of information before applying for the job. Here are some of the important points which one should remember before applying for fingerprint technician.

Contact Local Police

If someone really wants to enter into this career, he just needs to contact the local police department for the informal communication with their fingerprint experts. It is obvious that every police department will have their own fingerprint experts, so this is the easiest way to approach any experienced technician. Ask them, if there is any question; enquire the educational requirements, any entrance exam or any experience needed to apply to become a finger print expert. They can provide accurate information about applying and requirements to become a fingerprint expert.


One can do little research about the colleges or institutes on internet that provide courses in fingerprint technology. Of course, there are several institutes which provide the best courses in this field. Look out for the local agencies and contact them. Several agencies provide the training at their own base and train them with all the advanced tools and latest strategies involved. Select any bachelor course but consider the reputation and staff of college. It will always be better if there is experienced staff as they can guide much effectively.

Consider IAI Training

Just go to the website of IAI, International Association of Identification which provides the certifications and training to the interested candidates. However, the certifications offered by them are usually given to experienced people but one can collect some really good information which can be further advantageous for the candidate.


Experience is the main factor which plays crucial role in becoming a fingerprint technician. There are several agencies or organizations available which provide intensive training to interested candidates. Contact the officials who are involved in the area and gather as much information as possible.

So, the above are the important tips that can be beneficial in providing the accurate information on how to become an expert fingerprint technician. One should follow these measures to get improved results.

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