The development of intelligent transportation in practice

May 21


jodie mht

jodie mht

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The good news is that the relevant departments, enterprises are actively trying to find way out of the urban development of intelligent transportations


  In addition,The development of intelligent transportation in practice Articles the technical harmonization of standards and technical specifications construction is still lagging behind. It is understood that the lack of standard conditions, the areas of intelligent transportation systems in many of our own system, lack of convergence and cooperation, the standards are not unified.

    These constraints undoubtedly hindered the development of intelligent transportation in practice. Intelligent transportation, hidden under the lively concept of speculation is the loneliness of the application of cold.

    The good news is that the relevant departments, enterprises are actively trying to find way out of the urban development of intelligent transportation, and in some ways has already taken action.

    Zhongguancun Intelligent Transportation Industry Alliance was established in April 2011. Union after the establishment of innovative institutional mechanisms, governance and research with a combination of the three years to five years, to promote the implementation of a group of Beijing intelligent traffic application demonstration projects.

    Also in April, the China Communications Standards Association and the National Intelligent Transport System Standardization Technical Committee in Beijing, officially signed a Memorandum of Understanding will work together to carry out the research of intelligent transportation standards, and jointly promote the harmonization of domestic standards, joint participation in international standardization activities and ISO, ITU and other international and regional standardization combination of submitted manuscripts, the official launch of the formulation of intelligent marking China's transportation and communication standard.

    These moves are committed to the development of intelligent traffic, removing obstacles to its development to a certain extent, lifted blind spot, reflecting the people's support for the development of intelligent transportation, after all, intelligent transportation to improve urban congestion status quo or a thing is worth the wait.

    The development of anything is not easy, urban intelligent traffic is no exception. Fortunately, urban intelligent traffic has been supported by the government and industry recognition. We want to seize this opportunity, we must face up to the challenges it faced.

    Seeking nature of the business capital, its R & D, innovation must meet the market demand. Market competition and selection to take enterprise final products produced after market run-in will be the icing on the cake for the urban development of intelligent transportation.

    Deserving of our attention is the government department of the contradiction between the policy and public execution. As we all know, in order to alleviate traffic congestion, some local governments introduced such as limited licensing restriction, limit line, and other hard-line policy, this approach is quite upset. But as the society was the development of the travel needs of the public can not be suppressed, but also could not control, Main products: car dvd player and car dvd , are with good quality.which resulted in a deviation to some extent part of the public policy awareness. In view of this situation, some scholars have pointed out that government departments to develop policies should be considered when the public to participate in, and full reference to the views of various groups to abandon the simple administrative control of behavior. This approach highlights the policy of "public" is more conducive to the implementation of the policy.