The In's and Out's of Auto Auctions - They May Be For You; They're Not For Everyone

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The auction process is one that, while seemingly mysterious, is actually quite simple once you know the rules of the game. This article will offer some excellent strategies that will help you once you get into your first auctions:

Ever wonder how car dealers get rid of overstocked cars and those cars that no one will buy? Ever wonder what car dealers do right before they get a huge delivery of new cars to their lots? Wished you had a way to sell your car for the best money without the hassle of advertising in the classifieds,Guest Posting dealing with a car lot or drive by tire kickers? The answer to all is a CAR AUCTION.

The auction process is one that, while seemingly mysterious, is actually quite simple once you know the rules of the game. Visit this link for some excellent strategies that will help you once you get into your first auctions:

Car auctions sometimes can return more money to the seller than their original investment. It just depends on the demand from those attending the auction. The good news is all the paperwork, haggling, dealing and closing takes place at the auction so when you are done you are done. In today’s world, saving time means saving money and how many times have you wanted to drive away in your new car the minute you said, “Yes I’ll take it? The car auction is the easiest and most effective way to buy and sell a car without the hassles of the traditional car lots.

Car dealers plan their auction dates in their marketing calendars. The auction company will most times detail and clean the cars getting them ready for sale. Shoppers and potential buyers scourge the lot a few days before the actual auction to line up their buying strategies. Some auctions however will make you wait until the day of the actual auction before reviewing the goods for sale.

There are all types of automobile auctions: government auctions, seized automobile auctions, seized car auctions, police auto auctions, IRS auctions, DEA auctions, customs auctions (government seized auto auctions of all types).

One of the more frequent users of the auction concept and more particularly, the car auction concept are the police. What happens to all those confiscated vehicles from drug busts, stolen and abandoned cars and the like? They go into the police coffers. Off to the auction they go and the coffers are refilled with the auction cash from the cars. Some unbelievable gems with low mileage show up as a result. These become quite the magnet for car enthusiasts, deal searchers and car dealers. Hobbyists and auction aficionados flock to these police auto auctions as well.

The U.S. government also has auto auctions. The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) is the federal agency which buys fleet vehicles new and leases them to other federal agencies. When these vehicles complete their lease term they are sold at government auctions so that they can renew their fleets. Auto auction houses that sell for the government want you to be successful at auctions. Many of them have training and briefing programs to help you with the process. Some auto auction houses may even conduct a brief mock auto auction just prior to the actual sale. Attending this mock auto auction will familiarize potential buyers with the auction buying process. The best thing to do is to check with the auction in advance to find out if a mock auction will be offered.

Have fun buying at these many different types of auto auctions. It can be quite lucrative for you. Know that if you want to make that little extra final bid, it still could save you substantial money as opposed to buying retail. If you’re still not sure, wait. There will always be another car available at another auction that will be for you, especially after you progress up the auto auction learning curve.

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