Three braking methods of motorcycle

Aug 24


Jack Leeyaso

Jack Leeyaso

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When you need to slow down the motorcycle during running, you need to hold the clutch handle and throttle back, at the same time step the brake pedal and hold the front brake handle.


There are generally three braking method:

  1. Front and rear braking

When you need to slow down the motorcycle during running,Three braking methods of motorcycle Articles you need to hold the clutch handle and throttle back, at the same time step the brake pedal and hold the front brake handle. If the rear wheels tow back, you can slightly raise the brake pedal and then step again, so as to prevent towing back too much and influent stability of the motorcycle. At the same time, the brake effect is best when the rear wheels is at the edge of turning. The front wheel is guide wheel, if the front wheel is locked completely and then resistance is too large, the direction is difficult to control. But we also need to pay attention to the role of the front brake, and using front and rear brake at the same time in general case. Only in this way can improve braking efficiency and ensure the braking stability.

In addition, in the process of braking, you should hold the turing handle firmly and clamp the oil tank, in order to prevent inertia effect, and with the body leaning forward which is easy to control the motorcycle.


  1. Engine braking

When driving the motorcycle at a high speed, you want to force the high gear shifting to low gear which can’t match the current running speed, then you need to use the internal traction of the engine to force the speed reduce.

The operation method is:

When holding the clutch handle and throttling back, you can change to a lower gear and then quickly loosen the handle, so as to quickly low the speed of rear wheel, or even can low the gear step by step to gear one without lossen the clutch handle in emergency.

Use engine braking, you need to act quickly and soft, otherwise the speed gear will be damaged easily. This kind of brake method is usually used together with the motorcycle brake pads, and rarely used alone. Only when the front and rear brake is not working, it may have to be used alone. Or in the muddy, marsh area, ice, snow or slippery roads, sandy or rocky road, or downhill, in order to ensure driving safety, you can use engine braking to low the speed.


  1. Combined braking

Combined braking means using the brakes and engine braking together. When appling front and rear braking, you need to quickly low the gear at the same time so as to enhance the braking efficiency and ensure the braking process smoothly.

The operation method is:

Quickly throttling back and holding the clutch handle, at the same time, using front and rear brakes, and then quickly shift to low gears, in order to force the speed to reduce or stop quickly.

Combined braking requires brakes and engine applied simultaneously. But when the brake speed is too high, close to the limit speed of the running gear, you should throttle back first and don't need to hold the clutch kits, in order to low the brake speed, making difference smaller which is good for braking stability and less wear of engine. But it is better to apply the combined braking method, in order to make full use of the engine internal resistance effect and achieve the goal of rapid braking.

Combined braking is quick and smooth and braking distance is short, so it is widely used for motorcycle driver.


Hope this will help you to get an effect braking way and know more about your motorcycle accessories.

Thanks for your attention.