Top 3 Vans For Couriers

Jan 17


Mark Robson

Mark Robson

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Courier businesses have seen a lot of growth during 2020 due to the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns. 

Businesses seeking to move into this sector, or to expand into home delivery, face a wide choice of vehicle to lease.

Here are the top 3 vans, chosen by size, for any business looking to lease a courier van.


Many businesses have had to change the way they operate over the past year. The pandemic affected everyone,Top 3 Vans For Couriers Articles with lockdowns and social distancing interrupting many business practices.

One sector that has grown substantially during the past year is the courier and home delivery service. With so many people isolating or working from home, home delivery has never been more in demand.

If you are looking to start a courier business, or your company is transitioning to home delivery, you will need a van. There is a huge array of different vans on the market, and it’s easy to get confused when browsing the various makes and models.

Do you need a small van or a large one? Will an L1H1 hold everything you need, or do you need an L3H2? Do you have staff to transport and need a crew van? Manual or automatic? Diesel or petrol? Electric?

Here are the top 3 vans used by couriers across the UK. These are the most popular by far in their class and are highly recommended by drivers and reviewers alike.


Vauxhall Combo Cargo 2300 1.5 Turbo D 100ps L1H1 Sportive Van

The latest model of the Vauxhall Combo Cargo was released in 2019, and has proven to be one of the UK’s best small vans by winning a host of Light Commercial Vehicle of the Year awards.

And for good reason. Despite being a small van, the Combo Cargo can carry 998kg of payload and has one of the best fuel economy ratings around at 68.8mpg.

Several engine sizes are available for the Combo Cargo. This version is fitted with a 100hp engine which is more than capable of maintaining performance on motorways or city streets.

The Combo Cargo is fitted with a strong suite of driving aids, including Brake Force Distribution, Traction Control, and Hill Start Assist.

With road handling not much different from a large car, this small van is ideal for companies transitioning to local home delivery.


Ford Transit Custom Limited 2.0 EcoBlue 130ps L1H1 Van

According to sales statistics over the past few years, the Ford Transit Custom is by far the most popular van in the UK. A good combination of reliability, handling, and value for money, the Transit Custom is available in countless variations.

This variant, the Transit Custom Limited, can fit up to 831kg in its spacious load area. Even when fully loaded, the van’s 130hp engine is powerful enough to maintain strong acceleration while keeping fuel consumption to a very good 46.3mpg.

Parking sensors and cruise control make driving comfortable and smooth, while roll stability and side wind mitigation ensure you remain in control at all times.

Ford put a lot of emphasis on vehicle handling and the overall driving experience, which is one of the reasons they are so popular. The Transit Custom Limited fits the standard specification for Amazon drivers, and so is a very good choice when looking for a medium van lease.


Peugeot Boxer 2.2 BlueHDi L3H2 140ps Professional Van

For heavy duty couriers that have large loads to deliver, the Peugeot Boxer is the ideal van. It can carry the highest payload of 1495kg while remaining competitive in price.

A 140hp engine ensures that even under full load the Boxer accelerates and handles well. A high cab and good visibility make it easy to manoeuvre.

The cab has a range of storage solutions suitable for delivery notices and invoices, including a central dash-mounted clipboard.

The 13m3 load space is easily accessible through a large sliding side door, and the rear doors which can be secured open at 180°. A steel bulkhead separates the load area from the cab, insulating the driver and passengers from noises and jolts.

The Peugeot Boxer has the largest payload of all the 3.5 ton vans, and so is the best choice for couriers and home delivery drivers looking for a van lease who want to optimise volume.

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