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There is a lot on the line when you redeem those oil change coupons. Trust a company with nationwide guarantees and high-quality service.

You put your trust in a team of mechanics every time you turn over that ignition key at the front desk. Whether you are having your tires rotated or a full inspection completed,Guest Posting anything done to your car or truck has the potential to go wrong. Similar to the way you put your trust in the doctor at the office when you need a tune-up, the mechanic knows more about your vehicle and is qualified to take care of it. This knowledge can be a dangerous thing though. Some mechanics become sloppy with their work and fail to ensure each step is performed completely. This can have especially devastating results in the event of a sloppy oil change.

A car or truck without oil will not run. The moving parts of an engine generate too much heat and friction to last very long without proper lubrication. As such, oil is an essential ingredient in any motor. This is one of the reasons that regular oil change coupons are used in scheduled maintenance tasks used to increase the life of your vehicle and improve your overall gas mileage. Without oil, you're going nowhere fast.

If a mechanic shop failed to replace the oil plug before replacing the oil or failed to install the oil filter properly, this could have downright disastrous results. Lack of an oil plug would mean that all oil would drain out as you drive and the engine would seize. This would normally happen shortly after leaving the shop and you should notice leaking in places where you have parked or driven. An improperly installed oil filter will also have devastating results. If the filter cannot clean the oil, then debris and dirt will get into the engine. This debris, dirt and even metal bits from other parts of the engine can clog corners and cause more friction to build up. This can also cause an engine to seize.

Many people wonder what the liability is on behalf of the oil change mechanic or garage if an error like this occurs. Some auto shops guarantee their work while others will make you sign a form that absolves them of responsibility once you drive off the property. Either way, it is important to be aware of your rights and take your vehicle to a company that you trust. Save money with oil change coupons, but don't forget that investing in these regular maintenance tasks are an investment and you often get what you pay for.

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