Unique network of car audio voice platform engine

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 Car networking project is expected to be controllable vehicles in 2020 to scale up to 200 million. Governments

 HP has the HP cloud map portfolio increased by double,Guest Posting now offers more than 100 easy-to-use pre-packaged cloud service design, applicable in MicrosoftSharePoint, and SAPNetWeavertechnologyplatform and other mainstream applications. Hewlett-Packard cloud map to provide customers with predictable service levels and optimize the environment, which stems from HP for decades with leading systems integrators and independent software vendors (ISVs), in the process of co-design solutions, accumulated rich experience .

    HP's cloud map HPCloudSystem and HP cloud service automation (HPCloudServiceAutomation) was developed to create and manage across the private, public and hybrid cloud environment service, which gives substance to HP's open integration solutions.

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    HP cloud map combinations to achieve the automation of cloud services, product development, ranging from infrastructure design to application development process, and then continuing the life cycle management, including patch, compliance checks, and code release management. This proven service design can be directly imported HPCloudSystem build cloud services directory for customers to quickly and safely. HP cloud map on a global scale. A lot of HP Application for popular cloud map can be downloaded for free. For customers who need support services and advanced features, the HP cloud map in the United States from $ 10,000. 2012, is expected to have more HP Cloud Maps launched.

    As part of a plan of Hewlett-Packard, HP Cloud project to provide financing of up to $ 2,000,000,000. Customers deploy the latest Hewlett-Packard cloud map, you can enjoy a variety of financing solutions provided by HP's financial services sector. HP's financial sector is HP's leasing and lifecycle asset management services sector.

 Car networking project is expected to be controllable vehicles in 2020 to scale up to 200 million. Government support has been emerging, followed by the government through policy guidance, financial subsidies, the initial investment to develop the car networking, how to achieve the effective application of the floor has become an important issue of car networking.

At present, car ownership has exceeded 100 million mark. The first eight months of this year, only the private passenger cars reached 7.81 million. Coupled with the rapid development of mobile Internet, car networking market for at least the size of one hundred billion. Facing a huge market prospects, regardless of Internet or telecommunications vendors, and even car dvd and car gps the traditional auto companies are stepping up the layout. At present, Huawei, China Telecom in the force of the market.

There is no doubt that car networking value chain members spare no efforts to search for the rapidly growing popularity can in turn has brought huge gains to individual members of services and applications, especially networked era in our car soon the time comes. Who occupy the car networked terminal, who could win in the future. The most important one in the terminal application, in the emerging field of vehicle networking, new technologies, new applications, new business continue to emerge, and pregnant with a new killer application. Have a killer application that can change the pattern of operations of the commercial market.

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