Various brands of car navigation systems can not count

Jul 4


jodie mht

jodie mht

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See some large shopping sites, car navigation systems cheap two or three hundred dollars to twelve thousands dollars


The journalists also visited the city's large electronics stores such as the North appliances,Various brands of car navigation systems can not count Articles car navigation systems are the new Division, the wind took Newman brand, priced in the thousand or so.

    Guangzhou Honda, Dongfeng Citroen Automobile 4S shop, sales personnel, sales here more than the corresponding built-in car navigation systems and brand, not only navigate, reverse video, Bluetooth Handsfree, DVD, and other entertainment , priced at 4000-8000 per month, each time you upgrade the map you want to spend more than 200 yuan.

    This reporter has learned so far, the State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping is only NavInfo, Gao Ling Figure, Imagination, Ritu, Wuhan DeFazio, Kay Rucker, easy to figure, the National Fundamental Geographic Information Center, Cn , 11 inter-city and other manufacturers have issued the "China navigation electronic map Certificate In other words, only the built-in electronic map of these manufacturers, GPS navigation system is truly the journey guides.

    But nowadays retail terminals, various brands of car navigation systems can not count, many of whom are not any qualifications or near the famous "Li Gui, buy Navigator users will become a direct victim of piracy.

    See some large shopping sites, car navigation systems cheap two or three hundred dollars to twelve thousand dollars, the brand of many dozens, and are claimed to own use is a genuine map, and with video, audio, games and other features. But take a closer look to buy owners purchase evaluation is not difficult to find a lot of people fell into the trap of bad sellers carefully woven. Some buyers said: "I bought the navigator used only a few days, ten times eight is wrong only when watching movies video!"

    An industry source told reporters, car navigation systems failure are two main reasons, a change due to road traffic conditions, car navigation systems inside the map does not update the guidelines deviation caused by another main reason for car navigation systems qualified, are shoddy products, which are installed pirated maps.

    An annual operating car navigation systems vendors, the car navigation systems do not control add any bells and whistles, the core or navigation, so the owners purchase still examine whether the navigator installed electronic map is genuine. He said if the map is genuine, and updated in a timely manner, the relative would be more accurate; if consumers car dvd and car gps buy the low prices of miscellaneous brands, manufacturers are likely to install pirated maps in order to save money, which will directly lead to the guiding of the navigator not allowed, it lost its original meaning.    

An industry veteran told reporters, car navigation systems are generally divided into two types of external portable and built-in machine models and other. External type, for example, If you are installing Kay Rucker electronic map, you can see and query in the back of the machine housing will have to identify the authenticity of the coding, to scratch the silver layer. While others are installed on the machine inside the query function, the above signature, version number and activation code, only three yards complete is true, if 00000,99999 and other digital or garbled and not clear what is symbols, the pirated map.