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Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP), is also one of the five criteria of the 4G network standard. And 3G LTE in the high datas transfers

It can be said that the "2012 National Defense Authorization Act completely broken fantasy Lightsquared operate its network. FCC has also concluded consultations in the GPS signal interference issues with the NTIA (Telecommunications and Information Administration),Guest Posting the GPS device will be the problem of the 4G signal interference, and can not eliminate the risk of interference. The FCC decided to indefinitely suspend the Lightsquared operations 4G-LTE network waiver, and the withdrawal of Lightsquared license. Prior to this, Lightsquared has spent about $ 4,000,000,000 construction of 40 000 high-power transmitter, this signal the war ended ultimately to Lightsquared dismal end. The U.S. government from also learn a lesson that will formulate the motion of the GPS spectrum interference draft new standards for non-space commercial use of the spectrum adjacent to the GPS signal to provide information and strengthen the existing national policies on the protection of adjacent bandwidth spectrum.

LTE is a new technology research and development projects the past two years initiated by the Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP), is also one of the five criteria of the 4G network standard. And 3G LTE in the high data transfer rate, faster, lower latency and more extensive coverage of the 3G future direction of development. At present, the global LTE network rollout of rapid development. The United States is the 4G networks, the most rapid pace of development, is also the largest operator, Verizon is the largest LTE network operators in the United States and more than 60 commercial airports in 38 cities across the United States and opened a large-scale 4G LTE network. Swedish operator TeliaSonera plans to lay LTE network in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and the Balkans. Russia Antares Group through the resale of the way in its 12 CIS countries, Asia and Africa and other countries LTE frequency band, For the laying of the 4G network in the world. Domestic LTE network rollout is also in full swing, following the start of TD-LTE expansion of large-scale experimental network construction, China Mobile will take a new and smooth upgrade in two ways, so that the TD-LTE base stations, the scale of more than 200,000. However, for its propulsion, the LTE mobile broadband technology will want to overwrite the world, remains difficult. From the war of the Lightsquared with the GPS signal, the advancement of LTE is not only the need for national policies and legislation to support, but also properly handle the technical issues. At present, there is no integration between the LTE and the GPS signal technology solutions. It had to become an obstacle to achieve its global coverage of the main bottlenecks.Main product: bmw dvd  The same time, China's Beidou should also inspire this signal war process in accordance with the Big Dipper, the 2012 Asia-Pacific regional coverage, the formation of the global reach in 2020, in addition to ongoing compatibility with the GPS technology research and development, the State should also consider the development of spectral interference program for the Big Dipper to prevent similar interference problems

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