Water Fuel, the Biggest Hoax of the Present Era?

Aug 21


Chuck Rabel

Chuck Rabel

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Gas prices went up, so did the claims by inventors of gas saving devices. Most were scams, few genuine and some too good to be true. This article probes into the SCIENCE of one of these highly publicized devices.


As you have come to this article and are browsing through it,Water Fuel, the Biggest Hoax of the Present Era? Articles most likely you have heard about water cars or water fuel. Some are of the opinion that it is the biggest scam of the era. Gas prices are sky rocketing and sounds like it is perfect timing for a gasoline related scam. But is water fuel actually a scam? Many thoughts would have crossed your mind like "this sounds too good to be true; this sounds fishy; so why aren't the giant car manufacturers producing such cars; why isn't the world using it to end the world's energy crisis?" etc. etc.


Sure there are pessimists for everything. When Edward Jenner was experimenting a 'vaccine' against small pox, back in the early 19th century people went crazy. They said that the vaccine would turn humans into cattle. There is this famous cartoon from 1801 that predicts how people will grow cattle limbs. But have we not all had the small pox vaccine? Did we become cows? Had Edward Jenner listened to the critics, human kind may even have been wiped out by small pox.of the earth by now.

What do you think pessimists of 1950s might have said when they heard that Neil Armstrong was going to the moon? Would have been a lot worse than water fuel!

Water Fuel research
Although the general public had no idea about using water as a fuel, thousands of people have been using this technology world over and research on this has been going on for decades and decades. Here is a very partial list of names of people who have dedicated their lives for research on water fuel technology and their patents.

List of researchers
1. Charles H. Garrett - The first to run a car on water fuel in 1932 (US patent 2006676 - Electrolytic Carburator)         
2. Stephen Horvath - 1978 (US Patent 4107008 - Electrolysis method for producing hydrogen and oxygen)
3. Archie H. Blue - 1978 (US Patent 4124463 - Electrolytic cell)
4. Shigeta Hasebe - 1978 (US Patent 4105528 – Apparatus for decomposition of aqueous liquid)
5. Donald A. Kelly - 1981 (US Patent 4256060 – Manifold hydrogen generator units for automotive I.C. engines)
6. Roy A. Davis - 1983 (US Patent 4380970 – Combustion engines)
7. Stanley A. Meyer - 1992 (US Patent 5149407 – Process and apparatus for the production of fuel gas and the enhanced release of thermal energy from such gas)
8. Stephen Barrie Chambers - 2002 (US Patent 6126794 – An apparatus for producing orthohydrogen and/or parahydrogen)
9. Professor William Rhodes
10. Professor Yull Brown

Impressive list eh?

So you wanna start pumping water instead of gas?
Not yet, please! Water can't produce any energy until it’s broken down into hydrogen and oxygen, a process known as electrolysis. Hydrogen known to be one of the most potent energy sources on this planet has often been predicted to replace dependence on fossil fuels like gasoline and diesel (and the middle east). Hydrogen is presently used not only to run cars but also to power entire cities in Denmark and Japan. Water can be electrolyzed into hydrogen using different methods: electricity, geothermal energy, natural gas, and solar power are few examples. The resultant gas from electrolysis of water is described by many different names: HHO, Brown’s gas, Rhodes gas, and Ortho-hydrogen are only a few examples.

This is not a brand new science, however it was made available in the public domain only in 2006 and since then, there has been a flood of water fuel conversion kits into the market. The prices range from $29 to $7000 for really fancy ones. Some are fakes; some over-estimate their potential; and few can save as much as 60% of the monthly gas bill.

Water4gas is one of the most talked about water fuel products in the market. But don't believe everything you read about it.