What Makes a Good Compact SUV?

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Compact SUV's can be a great choice when searching for the perfect family car. In the following article Hugh McInnes talks about what makes a good compact SUV.

Compact SUVs at first glance might seem like an unnecessary hybrid — why not just buy a sedan,Guest Posting or a full-sized SUV, after all? However, even a quick trip to the supermarket these days reveals that initial skepticism is not near powerful enough to stop many drivers from choosing compact SUVs from a wide variety of automakers. Increasingly impressive fuel-economy, sleekly attractive exterior designs and interior innovations that have provided more and more storage space, have proved to be more than enough incentive for many purchases. Still, while it seems it's now beyond doubt that the compact SUV is a viable force in the auto industry, there are many options within the class itself. This article will attempt to point out the most important features to pay attention to when deciding which compact SUV is best.A good chunk of new car market consists of the compact SUV family. This fact increases the importance of several features in models. Cargo space is one of these: It is crucial for vacationing, taxiing to sporting events and storing the various odds and ends that family life on the road entails. Many compact SUVs offer the option of a removable third row of seating, which is extraordinarily handy for families. Depending on the situation, they can leave it out, freeing up large amounts of cargo room, or put it in, allowing for up to seven passengers. This flexibility fits the changing needs of the busy family, and is the mark of a good compact SUV. Additionally, for families, safety is of great importance, and doing some research into the ratings a model has received from various outlets for safety is always a wise step in the pre-buying process.Performance and fuel-economy are two more areas that the best compact SUVs excel in. Many compact models come in four or six-cylinder engine options, and it is important for a buyer to consider whether they will use their vehicle for any sort of towing before they decide. The higher-end engine models will also ideally be both powerful and pleasing to drive, as well as quiet and comfortable. Impressive fuel economies in compact SUVs will be in the low to mid-twenties for city-driving and over thirty for highway. However, the higher performance the engine, as in six-cylinder models, usually, the less impressive the fuel economy. Again, buyers’ checklists are individualized, and the best compact SUV for them will coincide with their own priorities and desires.The interior of a compact SUV is just as important as what is under the hood. Design goes a long way, and the best models will balance luxury with cost and comfort with style. Important aspects to pay attention to for potential buyers are, of course, headroom and leg-room, which become increasingly important on longer journeys, the comfort of seats and the bells and whistles that come included.While more luxurious options in interior design, as in upgrading from cloth to leather or from the standard entertainment options to the deluxe, come with reciprocal increases in price, the best compact SUVs will execute the interior with class and comfort, while hopefully keeping the tag under $30,000. This last, and certainly not least aspect, the price, is the final separating point between models. With the market competitive, a buyer should be able to satisfy most of their desires in a compact SUV (unless of course they are after the upmost in luxury) for $30,000 or less. Most automakers’ offer models huddling around this price point with similar features, and with a handy list of priorities and desires in mind, a buyer will be able to make the best choice for them without compromising their wallet or wish list.Whether it’s sleek design, fuel-economy, quiet-riding interior or family-friendly cargo-capacity, compact SUVs have the attractive features that will keep buyers interested for some time to come. With research and prioritizing, buyers will find the best compact SUV for them, all without breaking the bank.

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