What Will Void Your Car Warranty?

Aug 18


Steven Ross

Steven Ross

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Car warranties are indeed a great investment as car repairs demand hefty amounts to be paid and often at an unexpected time. However,What Will Void Your Car Warranty? Articles you may find you're disappointed if you happen to void your car warranty.

New and extended car warranties are made available by many companies. But along with these auto warranties are also a few instructions or situations that may cause your car warranty to be voided. For example, the car is exposed to flooding or if any paperwork shows 'off-roading' then the car warranty possessed by your vehicle may become voided.

Also, most American manufacturers generally provide 3 years or 36,000 miles for coverage under a warranty. Nonetheless, as soon as you cross any of these mileage or time limits, your car warranty becomes invalid or is declared to be void.

Besides, there are also a few car owners who fear that they may void their warranty, if they don't get their car serviced by their dealer only. Such people can take a sigh of relief due to the Federal Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act. It states that the car owner doesn't have any such obligation and that they are free to get their vehicle serviced by their favorite independent and skilled service station, without losing the warranty on their car.

Furthermore, you can employ quality car parts from any brand name for car service. So, it isn't necessary for you to employ only original car equipment by the manufacturer such as brakes, filters oil, spark plugs and others unless they are made available for free.

But it is necessary to make sure that the service receipts that you have must include the odometer reading, date, identification number and model of the vehicle. Also, brand names of different parts that are used must be mentioned on the receipt to avoid any inconvenience later.

Moreover, there are also some car owners who fear their car warranty can become void because of any cosmetic work done on their car from anywhere else apart from the manufacturer. But there is no such thing. You can get the cosmetic work done on your vehicle and still keep your car warranty intact.

If you want to make sure that you don't make a mistake that may lead to void car warranty, it is advisable to get your vehicle serviced at regular intervals as suggested by the warranty provider. Also, it is advisable to read the warranty manual or owner's booklet made available by the warranty provider. It is also important to keep all records carefully that relate to your car servicing or warranty.