Why Do You Need an Oil Change?

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Getting an oil change is the best way to keep your car working at its best. If you don't want to find yourself at the mercy of public transportation, you should always keep up with the maintenance on your vehicle.

Every year,Guest Posting millions of Americans take their vehicles into an oil change shop just because they have been taught to do so or because their vehicle's manufacturer recommends it. What is so odd about this fact is that if you were to ask each and every one of them why they took their car into the shop, more than half of them would not be able to tell you why getting an oil change is so important for a car.

Car manufacturers don't just provide this recommendation so that you will patronize oil change and auto mechanic shops for no reason. This maintenance is required, in order for your engine to stay properly lubricated so that your vehicle continues to function and work properly. You may be wondering just how an oil change help can my vehicle, if it doesn't leak and does not need to be refilled. Well, the easiest answer is sometimes the best one. In this case, the oil that runs through your car's engine lubricates all of the internal parts.

Since the engine is not an entirely closed system, dirt, debris, and other components accumulate into the system and mix with the oil that is running through the engine. Over time, this causes engine sludge to form and since it is much thicker than oil, if it is left to accumulate, the engine can lock up from not being properly lubricated. The engine needs to be lubricated on a constant basis because when the vehicle is in operation, the engine heats up. Oil helps to remove the heat from the engine and keep the parts from breaking down and rubbing together.

This simple maintenance requirement is one of the most important service calls that is needed to keep your car running. If you were to ever go too long without this procedure, you may find yourself stranded somewhere and in need of another vehicle. Once the engine locks up, depending on the type of vehicle you have, it may cost you a small fortune to repair. You may be better off purchasing another vehicle. Of course, this could turn into an unexpected emergency that you hopefully have a rainy day fund for. If you don't have that kind of money lying around, you may want to just keep up with the maintenance schedule for your vehicle.

Now that you know a little more about the importance of an oil change, hopefully you will be better informed about what is going on when your car is being serviced. Keeping your car healthy should be one of your top priorities, since it is something that is necessary for you to travel around town and get your work done. If you think that you can afford to miss a few service calls, then you have probably never been in a situation where you needed to get somewhere and you could not use your car. It is very hard to adapt to having to use public transportation after enjoying the privilege of driving for so long.

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