Windshield Replacement - The Facts About Auto Glass and Insurance Windshield Replacement

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Windshield Replacement - The Facts About Auto Glass and Insurance

A chipped windshield is inevitable no matter what or where your drive,Guest Posting making windshield replacement something that nearly everyone will have to be deal with sooner or later. While filing an insurance claim immediately comes to mind, the fear of higher premiums often deters drivers from making calling their insurance company. However, windshields may be considered a no-fault claim, which can mean coverage without the raise in rates. Residents in the four Zero-Deductible states also enjoy the waiving of their deductibles when windshield replacement is necessary. The one point to note is that comprehensive coverage is required for either of these benefits, as coverage limited to only liability does not cover glass replacement.Does Insurance Cover Windshield Replacement?If the auto insurance plan is limited to only liability coverage, then the answer to this question is no. Liability coverage rarely, if ever, covers glass replacement, meaning that the driver will have to foot the entire bill. However, if the current insurance policy includes comprehensive coverage, then the answer is yes, as long as the cost is below the cost of the deductible. While high deductibles will lower monthly premiums, they can also mean that low-cost repairs will still have to be paid in full by the driver. However, if the cost of the replacement is more than the deductible, filing a claim can save a few dollars on the repair.Will A Claim for Windshield Replacement Raise My Rates?Believe it or not, most of the time the answer to this is no. This is because chipped windshields are generally considered a no-fault claim, as it is rarely the fault of the driver that the chip occurred in the first place. Keep in mind that there are exceptions, however, including chips obtained while deliberately driving off-road. How the chip occurred, the selected policy, and even the insurance company itself can make a difference in whether windshields replacement is a covered item.What About The Zero-Deductible States?There are only four Zero-Deductible states in the US, and these are Florida, Kentucky, Massachusetts, and South Carolina. For residents in these states, the Zero-Deductible law means is that the insurance deductible is waived for any auto windshield replacement. Florida and Massachusetts even go a step farther and cover all glass replacement under the Zero-Deductible law, rather than limiting the coverage to windshields only. Comprehensive coverage is still necessary, however, although like other states, premiums are usually not affected.So How Do You File A Claim For Windshield Replacement?Most glass replacement companies are familiar with working with insurance companies when it comes to windshield replacements. In fact, most of them will call your insurance company for you once their repair service is requested. Your insurance carrier and policy number are often all the repair service will need from you, and they handle the rest. This generally makes filing an insurance claim as easy as contacting a reputable glass company. However, if cost is an issue, either through deductibles or because it will be paid entirely out-of-pocket, obtaining price quotes from several glass companies can help determine who will provide the best service at the lowest cost.Auto windshield replacement is an inevitable cost of car ownership, although insurance coverage for this is applicable only if a comprehensive plan is selected. The deductible may make an insurance claim irrelevant, however, as a high deductible can mean that the cost of replacement is less than the initial amount that drivers are required to pay. On the plus side, insurance rates rarely go up with a windshield replacement claim, as most insurance companies consider these no-fault claims. The four Zero-Deductible states even eliminate the need to pay the deductible for the repair. The best part is that filing a claim is often as easy as contacting a reputable glass company, as most of these companies are familiar with working with most insurance companies. A cracked windshield can happen to anyone, and understanding how insurance applies to these instances can make it a less stressful event, and lead to a smoother repair process.These are our websites for Replacement Windows, Windshield Replacement and our Windshield Replacement Phoenix site.

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