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Luminaris is a short-length film that gained great popularity and about 250 cinematography awards in 2013. Learn more in the following article.

One of the astonishing developments in world cinematography is related to a great success of Argentine short-length film Luminaris that is translated as “Luminary”. 250 awards were given to the director of this featurette Juan Pablo Zaramella. As a result,Guest Posting the notable movie 5 minutes long has conquered world audience and impressed notable directors.

In fact, it took more than two years to create Luminaris. Juan Pablo Zaramella mixed animation and stop-motion trends in order to bring up main idea of the movie. In particular, it points out that in the world of harsh control, there is always a place for love and romance. It is in very deed genuine and precise opinion that seems quite actual and meaningful. In a few minutes a spectator might follow drama main characters live in and laugh at the life irony they are forced to face. Happy end tradition is certainly kept by the director. It is also important to note that among all the awards Luminaris was in the list to be nominated for Oscar, the iconic award in cinematography art.

One can get an impression Luminaris is a sort of cartoon as animation tools were used. In contrast, things are more complicated than it seems from the first glance. The authors have worked in a very complex technique of pixilation, when each frame is built separately and later assembled with the rest. But unlike the stop-motion animation, in which a director often works with static objects, in Luminaris real people are starring, so emotions, facial expressions and movements are difficult to control in every second of time.

The specific attention should be paid to the music that accompanies the entire movie. It is an Argentine tango “Lluvia de Estrellas” (“Start rain”) by by Osmar Maderna. The sounds of this tango perfectly complete the whole drama of the plotline.

Luminaris is not the first work by Juan Pablo Zaramella. For years this Argentine director introduces new projects, and not only a director. He is also a notable playwright, film editor, composer, producer and even an actor. So, Luminaris might be considered the result of Zaramella’s great devotion to cinematography. 

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