Provide Internet access to 92 million cars

Jul 11


jodie mht

jodie mht

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Policy supports and enthusiasm of foreign manufacturers may be able to accelerate the commercialization process


  GPS has water and electricity the same integrated into people's daily lives,Provide Internet access to 92 million cars Articles accounting for nearly 99 percent share of the Chinese market for satellite navigation. China's independent intellectual property rights Beidou satellite test system only in mapping, transportation and other fields, civilian areas only account for less than 1% of the market, the third satellite navigation academic annual meeting, manufacturers Frankly, the Big Dipper as a local satellite system, is not yet comparable with the American GPS, but as the 2020 "Compass" to launch more than 30 satellites, and realization of civil, then the positioning will be accurate.

    2020, after all, still quite far away, then, GPS replacement to which technology is still difficult to say for now, a GPS module of the international price of about U.S. $ 2-3, plus tariffs on four or five yuan RMB , In contrast, the the Beidou module prices generally have to four or five one hundred yuan. Too high a price to become the biggest stumbling block for the Beidou commercialization process.

    But the good news is that in recent years, with the the Beidou industrialization process moves forward, on the one hand, the large foreign companies are taking advantage of its accumulated in the GPS and communications technologies, products and brand advantages, the race to snatch the Chinese market; another side, all over the country and vigorously support the Beidou satellite navigation industry, various provinces have been introduced to promote the Big Dipper development subsidy policy.

    For example, Guangdong Province, Guangdong Province, satellite navigation companies amounted to 400, more than 60% of the civilian vehicle satellite navigation systems from the Pearl River Delta. According to the vice governor of Guangdong Province, Liu Zhigeng said, the recent Guangdong Province will invest 200 million yuan in key industries and key areas to promote the Beidou industrial applications and industrial development.

    Policy support and enthusiasm of foreign manufacturers may be able to accelerate the commercialization process of the Beidou system, Once in mass production stage, the prices will not be a problem, perhaps, the contest of the Big Dipper and GPS does not need to wait until 2020

 A wireless technology research firm in Hampshire, England (Hampshire), "Zhu Nuns research company (JuniperResearch) to a recent report pointed out that before 2016, most cars will have a smart phone integration features. Also contribute to the size of the market to grow to $ 14.4 billion car dvd and car dvd player for car within four years, like OnStar (OnStar) to provide after-sales service system to provide Internet access to 92 million vehicles.

    Zhu the Nuns research company's report said the United States ahead of other places in the car the handling of IT. Ford (Ford), the synchronization system based on Microsoft's system is the first smartphone features in non-luxury car, and integrated voice recognition system. In addition, an American company - General Motors (GM) - provides aftermarket car handling system, OnStar (OnStar). GM's FMV (ForMyVehicle) services can also be non-GM models, navigation, transportation, security and other services.