20 Striking Facts About Air Freight in Sydney and the Sydney Airport

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Air freight in Sydney and the Sydney Airport both have a long history, with heroes, interesting facts and forecasts that may soon change the whole air freight industry in Sydney. Take 2 minutes and find 20 interesting facts to get you quickly updated. Be aware of some surprising epiphany moments.

20 facts about air freight Sydney and the Sydney Airport(s)

1) First air plane took off from a cow pasture,Guest Posting starting Sydney Airport’s aviation history in April 1911 on the area of today’s airport.

2) Sydney Airport is one of the oldest continuously operating airports in the world.

3) Sydney’s Kingsford Smith Airport was named after the Queenslander Charles Kingsford Smith (nickname “Smithy”), an early Australian aviator who became famous for undertaking the first trans-Pacific flight from the US to Australia, the non-stop crossing of Australia and the first flights between Australia and New Zealand.

4) Sydney Airport is Australia’s largest international airport, with 50% of international air freight being handled at Sydney Airport.

5) 850 flights arrive or depart every day, which totals 310,000 flights a year (2012).

6) Sydney Airport is the busiest airport in Australia, connecting Sydney to 46 international, 23 domestic and 28 regional NSW destinations (June 2009).

7) Sydney Airport directly employs 75,580 people (full and part time), adding indirect employment of 130,550 jobs this totals in 206,130 jobs. Therefore, Sydney Airport rates among the largest employers in Sydney.

8) The largest aircraft landing in Sydney is the A380.

9) The longest route from Sydney is flown by the Boeing 747 and goes to Dallas (scheduled for 15 hours and 25 minutes). It ranks third in the world’s longest flight routes.

10) This year Sydney’s second airport was announced. Badgerys Creek Airport will be located in the west, with construction expected to start in 2016. It will cost an estimated $2.5 bn and comes with a $3 bn road funding for the area.

11) Sydney Airport handles $36 billion in air freight, and contributes $8 billion in NSW Gross State Profit. Including associated services this number bumps up to $16.5 billion.

12) 80% of all air freight is carried by passenger aircrafts, 20% by dedicated freight aircrafts.

13) Air freight exports are dominated by perishables (fruits and vegetables) and manufactured goods.

14) Air freight imports are typically high value urgent manufactured products such as computer and vehicle parts.

Growth expectations of air freight and the Sydney Airport are significant. The current Sydney Airport Master Plan forecasts:

15) Air freight volumes are expected to increase by 85%. The Sydney Airport is expected to move an additional 480,000 tonnes of air freight in 2029, increasing from 595,000 tonnes in 2009 to 1,100,000 tonnes in 2029

16) Over the next ten years the Airport is expected to generate about 100,000 additional jobs as a consequence of increasing passengers, freight, retail and commercial business.

17) At both the international and domestic terminals, the airport takes up 240,000 square meters of commercial space, including 25,000 square metres of general retail space.

18) In 2033, an estimated 388,000 passenger aircraft movements are expected.

19) Total air freight is forecast to grow from 615,378 tonnes (2012) to 1,011,312 tonnes (2033) with an average annual growth of 2.4%.

20) The NSW government has a program in place that aims to increase and optimise the landside movements to support efficient air cargo logistics to and from the Sydney Airport. This program is part of the “NSW Freight and Ports Strategy”, Action 1F of the Strategic Action Program 1 that focuses on network efficiency.

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