3 Advantages of Custom Menu Covers

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You probably already know the importance of using menu covers to keep your menus clean and intact for a longer period of time. Menu covers allow you to save money (and trees) over the long run,Guest Posting because you won't have to print out new menus all the time. Custom menu covers--menus that allow you to customize the appearance with, say, your restaurant name embossed on the cover, as well as in other ways--may cost a bit more than regular menu covers, but ultimately they are worth the additional expense.

Here are a few ways in which custom menu covers benefit your business:

Custom covers typically last longer than the cheaper covers.

Although it may seem like a good idea to buy the cheapest possible menu covers, remember the old adage that you get what you pay for. Custom covers are much better made than the cheapest ones, which means that they will last longer, and you'll spend less money on replacements.

We've all been to restaurants where the menu is stuffed into creased, torn, dirty plastic covers that you can barely see through or that hardly can be expected to protect the menu any longer. This simply isn't professional, and will make customers think of your restaurant as a dirty little café, rather than a nice place to eat. And while the cheap menu covers can be replaced for little money out of pocket, wouldn't you rather spend a little more in order to NOT have to be ordering replacements all the time?

Custom covers look more professional.

The higher-quality materials that go into custom menu covers do more than just offer a longer-lasting product. They also look and feel much nicer than their cheaper counterparts, which reflect better on your business.

Whereas economy menu covers are typically nothing more than a vinyl envelope into which you slide your menu, custom covers are designed more like a book or an album. They are usually made of cloth, leather, or leatherette, and can be customized with your name and logo either embossed on the cover or showing through a little window. The end result is a very professional-looking menu that will help to give your customers the impression that they are in a nice place, about to enjoy a nice meal.

Custom covers can help you establish your brand.

Establishing a brand for your restaurant is important, since that is one of the biggest ways in which you get business from new customers. A recognizable name and logo is one of the most important ways to go about branding. Your name and logo should go on all of your marketing materials: business cards, fliers, coupons, take-out menus, and yes, your menus, too.

Nice menu covers are just one part of the entire package when a customer sits down at your restaurant to order and enjoy a meal. Everything about the experience should be unique, from the menu to the décor, so that your customers come to associate your business with a particular type of environment.

If you have a nice restaurant, don't sell it short by getting the cheapest possible menu covers. Custom menu covers may cost a little more, but they add personality and a sense of style and quality to your patrons' dining experience, which is definitely worth the extra expense!

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