Professional Menu Covers and Menu Designs to Promote Your Restaurant

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There are many ways that you can promote your restaurant,Guest Posting but if it doesn't feel like a professional establishment, you will have problems getting potential customers in the door. Even the little things, such as menu covers or the paper your menu is printed on, can make a huge difference in how people perceive your business. Since the menu is an important part of promoting your restaurant business, here are a few tips for making it drool-worthy.

Hire a menu designer or design it yourself by browsing through other restaurants' menus to see what design features you like. Just slapping lists down on a piece of paper is likely to strike doubt into the hearts of your customers. Instead, use some graphics and a nice layout to make the menu look visually appealing. This can be done in a word processing program, such as Microsoft Word, in a pinch, but there are many choices of design and layout software on the market that will do a better job. If you hire a menu designer, he or she will most likely have the software already.

Pay attention to printing. How you print out your menu says a lot about your restaurant. Flimsy paper and ink that has run where it has gotten wet will make your restaurant seem like a home-based, slip-shod business. Instead, print on a high-quality printer or take the file to professional printers. Also, use good paper: Heavier-weight paper or cardstock is best. If you aren't going to protect your menus with plastic covers, be sure to get a spray sealer from a craft store, so that the ink won't run the first time the menus get wet (as you know they will).

Protect your menus from daily wear and tear. You want your menus not only to look and feel professional, but also to hold up while being handled by many pairs of hands each day. There are a few ways to do this. One, as already mentioned, be sure to print your menus on a heavier weight paper or card stock. Two, invest in menu covers, which will make your menus resistant to spills and protect them from tearing. You will be amazed at how many styles of covers there are to choose from. Whether you want a double-sided café-style menu, or a fancier menu that opens like a book, a menu cover supplier should have exactly what you're looking for. You can even have your restaurant's name and logo embossed on the cover of some styles.

Keep your menus clean and in good repair. It is especially important not to let your menus start looking like it's been a while since you last changed or replaced them. This gives customers the impression that you never change your menu, for one thing, but it's also a sign of bad housekeeping: If you let your menus get into disrepair, what else are you not replacing or repairing when it's time? Instead, keep your menu file on the computer, and keep a supply of card stock handy, so that you can print out new menus as needed. Also be sure to replace your menu covers when they start to tear, or when the plastic starts to cloud with age. You might want to keep a supply of replacement covers on hand, just for this purpose.

Remember, your menu says a lot about your restaurant. It is one of the first things your customers see, before they ever get their food. In fact, if you post your menu in the window, as many restaurants do, it may be the very first thing customers see before they ever step in the door. So you can see how important it is to pay careful attention to how your menu looks. From menu design to menu covers, make sure your menu makes a positive statement about your restaurant.

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