Restaurant Menu Covers: Disposable, Wipe-able or Washable

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One of the core purposes of restaurant menu covers is to keep the pages of menus clean. But how do you keep the covers themselves clean? The answer depends on the type of cover that you get. Some people opt to get disposable covers that they can throw away when they start to get dirty. Others choose to get wipe-able covers,Guest Posting one of the most popular choices among restaurant owners. Still others select to get truly washable menu covers, which also have their own pros and cons. Which type is the right type for your restaurant?

Disposable restaurant menu covers are obviously very convenient. The cover itself keeps the menu clean. When the cover itself gets grimy and gross it can simply be removed and thrown away. A new menu cover can quickly replace it. However, like many disposable items, it has drawbacks that deter some people from selecting this option for their restaurants. The main problem is, of course, that the disposable cover is a throw away item that is not very earth-friendly. Restaurants that are green in other ways can’t feel right about having a throwaway menu cover. Additionally, the cost of disposable menu covers is low but it can add up quickly if your restaurant requires frequent replacement. A ribs restaurant, for example, would probably have to replace these covers after nearly every customer.

Because of the drawbacks of the disposable cover, a large percentage of restaurants instead opt to use wipe-able restaurant menu covers. As their name suggests, these are covers that can be quickly wiped down to clean them off. Restaurants that have multi-page menus can order multi-page wipe-able covers. They’re easy to use since typically the menu pages simply slip inside of these covers. They are relatively affordable. Plus they are greener than disposable menus.

Restaurants that truly care about being green will often forego wipe-able menu covers and choose washable covers instead. These are the most eco-friendly option because they can be removed from the menu and washed for re-use. They are often made of fabric and therefore are designed to last a very long time. This is also a greener option than the plastic that is the common material used to make wipe-able and even disposable menu covers. Another great reason to choose washable covers is that they are fancy. They add a really nice touch to a menu at an upscale restaurant. Of course, these wouldn’t be good for a ribs restaurant; you want to use this option in restaurants where the menus aren’t likely to get too grubby. Nevertheless, it’s nice that they can be removed, washed and replaced as needed. What an elegant choice.

So what is the right solution for your restaurant? It depends a little bit on the money that you are willing to spend. However, the question is whether you want to spend less now (buying disposable restaurant menu covers) or less over the long run (which may mean buying either wipe-able or washable covers). What will influence your decision more than the money is probably how green you want to be. This is an increasingly important issue not only for business owners but also for their customers. As more and more customers demand to work with green businesses, more and more restaurants will switch from disposable covers to greener options. Finally, the type of restaurant you have and the type of food you serve will also factor in to what type of cover is right for your restaurant.

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