3 Sample Plastic Containers for Product Sales

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Because they’re available in such a wide variety of shapes,Guest Posting sizes, and styles, plastic containers are perfect for product sales. Virtually every kind of business – from convenience stores and gas stations to candy stores and ice cream parlors – can use plastic containers for storing and displaying an array of merchandise types.

Below are three of the most common kinds of plastic containers businesses of all kinds can use for showcasing products.

1. Traditional Plastic Containers

For these purposes, think of “traditional” as a word that describes the most common kinds of plastic containers we see in retail settings. These containers come in nearly every size and shape, some are clear and some are colored, and stores typically use them for creating countertop displays or holding merchandise on floor display racks.

Some of the most popular kinds of traditional plastic containers include:

  • Round and Fish Bowl Containers: Round containers and fish bowl containers are probably the most common kinds of display containers for product sales. When you think of fish bowl containers especially, you probably think of the glass fish bowls that typically do what their name suggests – hold fish – as well as hold merchandise like candy in high-end or old-fashioned candy stores. Their plastic counterparts are excellent alternatives for stores that see high amounts of traffic!
  • Square and Rectangular Containers: Square containers are available in a variety of widths and heights (meaning that, yes, you can find rectangular containers) and their flat sides make them perfect for creating produce displays in areas with limited space like countertops. You can easily position a number of square containers side-by-side and front-to-back to make the most of the space you have available.
  • Hexagon Containers: Hexagon containers are a sort of hybrid of round and square containers. They don’t save as much space as square or rectangular containers, but they do allow for positioning them flush, front-to-back.

2. Plastic Containers with Lids

Plastic containers with lids are perfect for storing and showcasing edible merchandise that is otherwise unprotected such as bulk unwrapped candies. You can find containers with lids in numerous shapes and sizes, though the most popular tend to be rectangular or square containers with lids of varying widths and heights.

Although this use doesn’t relate to product sales, business owners should keep in mind that containers with lids are also ideal for “behind-the-scenes” uses for businesses such as restaurants as they can store and keep fresh cooking items like sugar, flour, salt, pepper, and cornmeal.

3. Hand Grip Plastic Containers

Plastic containers with hand grips are ideal for showcasing merchandise that customers need to pour for themselves, such as treats like trail mix, jelly beans, or peanuts or other edible items like coffee beans. Sure, depending on the size of the container, customers don’t always necessarily need hand grips to lift the containers, but the hand grips definitely make it easier to lift the containers and lower the chances of a product spill.

Because of their hand grips, these kinds of containers are also great for organizing merchandise under your countertops, in your stockroom, and even in your manager’s office.

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